well awhile back i asked your option about whether green was for boys or girls and i want to thank u for the responses because i just didnt want to make teddy look funny or too girly. at the moment i was torn between green and orange. i got the green first and i had it for a few days and i wanted  to write a review. since i wrote a very nice one, the company sent me a FREE one. so i of course got the orange:) i gotta say, i am really impressed and to my surprise so is Teddy. he immediately noticed a difference and holds his chest up high as he is proud! lol i love it because its light weight, nice color/company. easy on/off and the best part is the D-ring is where a collars D-ring would be so u have more control than a standard harness, where the D-ring is more in the back. i also found a way to make it more useful too, i soak it in water and freeze it. it keeps teddy cooler on our walks and he very much appreciates it. if u are looking for a harness for your corgi, i 100% recommend this(although i know some corgis dont do well in harnesses) but even if teddy pulls me (when he cant wait to get to the lake) its not bad at all because its distributed across the shoulders. the website i recommend is www.pupincloset.com they have the cheapest on line with free shipping. u cant find it anywhere else, trust me;)

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Aww, he's so handsome in green!  And how awesome that they sent you another one for free!
thank you Jen, i think he knows how handsome he is just by the way he smiles ;) lol i was happy that they sent me one for free, i just couldnt believe it!
Teddy's a real cutie pie.  His face coloring is almost exactly like Griffin's.  Nice to see how Griffin will look when he's grown.
Aw why thank u! :D
What size did you get?
I got the XL. Teddy is a year and 8months though. Just be sure to measure her because Teddy is in between sizes So I had to get the one that is adjustable around the neck as well
Love the green:)
I might wait until she gets a little bigger then. That website is really neat!
Glad you're happy with the Puppia harness, it will hold up well too.

I really do think green is a gender neutral color, but maybe that is just me! Either way, your baby looks fantastic in both! Are those the puppia harnesses?

I vote for the safety orange.  I just wrote the company and suggested they incorporate reflective trim.

A friend's dogs wander farther off-trail than mine, and it's easy to spot them at night -- their harnesses have just a bit of reflective trim that shines even in a weak headlamp beam at great distance.  More important, it shows up in headlights.  You could stitch on some reflective tape.

Try using it without the buckle.  Just fold the paws through the rear loop.

Teddy looks great in either color but I am partial to green.  Katie's collar and leash are green, Max's collar and leash are red and his harness is camo.  That was really nice of the company and great customer service....look how you told us all about it and I bet you've told other people too...smart company.


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