I was just on a 4 day vacation and when I returned home Wynn was very aloof, he ignored me didn't come to me and I actually thought maybe he was sick. Today after being home again for 3 days he is back to his "usual" self and I am really thinking he was mad at me! I leave again for a 4 day working vvacation at the end of the week and I guess I will see what happens. Wynn goes almost everywhere with me and gets to go to work with me sometimes too. Could this be his way of letting me know he didn't like me being gone???

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I think it could be! Aww, he misses you. Sometimes I really wish Sidney and Bruce could talk, but most of the time I'm glad they don't!
Oh, what a loving way to show that he really cares!
I believe he's letting you know his dissatisfaction ; ) I had a labrador mix that would do the same thing. She'd just about turn herself inside out at the end of every workday when I got home. But.... if I was gone for a few days she would snub me like I was a total stranger!! LOL!!! Who says dogs are not intelligent??!! And our corgis .... well they are SUPER intelligent!!
Yup that sounds like a moody puppy right there lol. We're going through the same thing with our pups right now. We'll be done by next weekend unpacking but since the move time for the pups have been very short while we have been trying to get everything set up.

As a result I've got two grumpy aloof pups.
I sometimes think they are waiting to see if we are leaving again before we get welcomed. He was probably a little bummed that you did not take him with you...
I agree with Bev! I just got back from a 5 day trip where I had to board Jackson. He was reluctant at first, but after spending the night I think he realizes that we're not going anywhere :)
I just can't believe that Wynn didn't talk to you all... night... long!
HEHE...These pupps are just to smart. My female will give me the corgi cold shoulder but my male does not normally do so. A good friend has a corgi mix that is EXTREMELY attached to her. He will pout on the most phenominal level after she is gone from home even going so far as sleeping in the closet or refusing to go into the bedroom after she returns from trips...
This is so funny. They are sooo moody. We just left Kansas last week where Seanna met cows for the first time. She had a blast chasing them all week on my in-laws farm. The day we left, she crawled in the back of the car, with her back to us, and wouldn't look at us or respond to her name at all for the 8 hour ride home. Only came out when we stopped...she even ignored most food. She was totally pouting!
Aww Jane, isn't this your older male? Have you ever been gone before? I guess we go often enough to doctor appts that they only ignore us for a short time now! After my last surgery, we were gone for about 10 days and they really did let us have it though, I guess it does make you feel wanted.

Poor Wynn, you just need to take him with...
I just took my first holiday without Gwenie she was sad. When I walked in she went crazy to see me. My son said she missed you so much she cried the first night you were gone. I have always taken her with me. I missed her very much, so did my husband. You are loved by your baby!
My non-corgi dog is brutal to us whenever we leave her to go on a trip. She acts really happy to see us when we pick her up from the pet hotel, but as soon as we get home she sulks for days. She'll just lay on the floor and stare at us with a sad little face. When we call her she won't come near us unless we have a treat in our hand. Then she eats the treat and continues to pout. We're getting ready to board her for 10 days the beginning of September. It'll take until October for her to be nice again :)


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