We have had the question on our little guy, is our Adonis a corgi mix?


He is definitely a Pembroke with a tail, but we are unsure if he has any other breed in him. We have taken him to the vet, who is corgi familiar (who sees 20 other corgis) and she said his personality is 100% corgi. She said it is a possible he is a mix, but doesn't know with what. She said he doesn't show characteristics of any other breed. His markings, color, behavior, height and weight are the same as corgis; however he back legs appear skinner than most.


We rescued him so we don’t know his previous background, and we were curious on what other opinions may be. We haven’t had any other corgi owners not accept him as a fellow corgi, and they have graciously welcomed him as part of the pack. He will always be our corgi, a Pembroke with a tail. We were just wondering what other peoples take on him are.


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i think he is a cutie:) he does looked like he has a little bit of a mix but not much at all. he has that corgi smile and sweet expression on his face:) not sure what he could be mixed with, he does have longer legs and a little bit of a slender face but has the expression, smile, feet, and same hair color/pattern of a corgi. i know they do DNA testing at petco and they can find out exactly what hes mixed with. sure looks like a sweetheart!:)
He could be mixed with a Kelpie he kinda reminds me of the ones I've seen by his courser fur and skinnier/longer legs.
What a great face!

I agree his sweet little noggin is slimmer/narrower than what I expect of a corgi (or our girls' for example) but I don't know for sure what he'd be mixed with. (German Shephard?)

I have to say though, even though the nubs are cute too....there is definitely something to be said for a happy flag of a tail!
If you want to found out what breed he is there is a Doggy DNA test you can buy at Petsmart for like $80 I think, may be an idea to find out what exactly he is....Good luck

here is a link to the dna test @ petsmart http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3240553
Your little cutie reminds me of my dog Micah, who is a sheltie/corgi mix. She has the same skinny back legs as your little guy and I've seen the expression in the second picture on Micah's face many times. You can compare by taking a look at my page, I have some updated photos from more recent times that you could look at.
I agree that the legs do look too long for a corgi...but I have a rescue from a puppy mill(poor breeding) that has longer legs. My guess is he might have another breed mixed in but unsure what that might be!
He is a very handsome guy!

I agree he looks like there is something else mixed in, not just in the leg length but also the shape of the head. I couldn't say what, though. It might be fun to do one of those doggie DNA tests and see what you've got. Regardless, he's a very nice-looking dog.
Thanks for the help and all the complements. I guess we will keep calling him our little pembroke. If anything he got the better half.
Wonderful way to look at it!
I sort of see a cattle dog, but what do I know?
From the suggestion of Jane Christensen's comment, I went to the vet and asked if he was a puppy mill corgi. I can't remember the entire conversation; however she believes he is from a puppy mill. I don't think she had the heart to tell us the first time we asked during his first initial visit. Her eyes lighted up and was eadgered to tell us all about him and her findings. She was explaining that a lot of his behaviors and traits are distinctive of a puppy mill puppy. So most likely he is corgi, just a puppy mill one with poor breeding.


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