Koda turned 10 months on Sep. 20th and he weighs 19lbs.  He's not skinny, but he just has a small body compared to other 10 month old corgis.  We feed him Blue Buffalo for puppys.  He was neutered at 6 mos.  Is this a normal size/weight for his age?  I'm hoping he fills out more as he gets older.

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No he's not tiny. My gracie turned a year in July and she's 20lbs. They grow and fill out and there own pace. Thats actually a real good weight for him.


Maybe a tad on the small side but nothing I would worry about. He's still got a lot of filling out to do. My cardi seemed to be a really slow grower around that age but then shot up 6 lbs. after he turned a year old.

You could move him to an adult food at his age too.

Hi Josh- butters is so cute, he might just be a bit more than he should be at his age. Being at that weight can cause hip problems and being that his leg joints are set yet, could add added pressure to that. How often do you feed your little sweetheart.
Sometimes dogs are just smaller than average.  My Emma is 2 years old and weighs 16 lbs.  She's short even for a corgi!  Lots of corgis are overweight so maybe he looks small compared to them.

Hey Melissa,


Johann is almost as old as Koda is and weighs about 19 lbs too, but I knew he was going to be smaller than average because his parents were also like 20 lbs each.  Do you know much about Koda's parents?  Or like others have said, he may just grow at his own pace!  

Thanks guys :)  Jessica, I met his mother and she was actually quite large.  Not sure about his dad though.  You all have such beautiful dogs!!
Corgis don't finish growing till almost 2 so he has a long time to go. The 19#'s sounds normal to me.
Franklin was around 19-22 lbs until he was almost 2 years old. Then he exploded and in a matter of 2 or 3 months gained about 7 pounds. At no time in his life was he ever fat. Corgis tend to mature at the rate of a large dog. Sounds like your boy is right on track and will probably have a growth spurt between 1.5 and 2 years.
Dr. Watson looks exactly like Koda.  He's adorable!


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