We just adopted this little guy from the local shelter (brighton, co). The shelter had him listed as a cardigan welsh corgi, he was a stray so there's not history on him other than they think he's about 2 year old. He has a short tail, but I'm not sure if it was docked or if he was born that way. Does anyone know if he's a cardi or pem?




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I suppose it could be a Cardi/pembrooke mix? Face looks a lot like a Cardi but the docked tail sounds like a pembrooke.
Looks like a sable Pem to me.
His face looks just like our purebred tricolor pembroke! Did they maybe just not dock his tail?
Im going to go with pembroke. how much does he weigh?
He looks like a pem to me, based on the shape of his head and ears.
I'd vote for him being a Pem. His face doesn't look "hound" enough to be a Cardy. The tail could be a natural dock or someone didn't dock it right to the breed standard. He's a good looking fellow and has that "interested look" and I'm sure with your love and attention he'd become a great friend. Congrats on your new Corgi pal!
I say hes a sable pem. :)
Looks Pembroke to me. Cute!
What a cute face! My vote would be pem. sable or tri.
my vote is pem, mainly based on the size of the ears and the shape of the head/muzzle
Definitely Pembroke. What great coloring!
Yup, I'd put my money on him being an adorable sable Pembroke!

Handsome fellow, and I'm sure he's much happier out from behind bars! :D


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