Just curious if this is a corgi trait, or if our Sophie is just silly.  She rubs across the carpet, against the couch and against the walls where there are not furniture with her whole body, than alot of times she will do what my hubby calls barrell rolls.  Most of the time while doing this she is making all kinds of goofy noises.

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Avery does that every time after he eats, and sometimes after he comes inside from bathroom breaks! I'm not sure if it's a dog thing or specifically a corgi thing...I've been curious, too.

Dino does it and so do I.

Mine do this too. I have never seen my other dogs do this.

Yes, Frosty does this all the time as well.

Lol!  This sounds amusing to watch.  Waffle has never done it, but he does like to roll on people (their faces or their arm pits) the way another dog rolls in poop.  After he eats he will rub his face on the carpet sometimes.  After a bath he puts his face/neck on the ground and will run across the house like a plow.  

Seanna does this all the time too!  Sometimes Jacks, but not as much.

I think it must be a Corgi thing, cause I have had 3 other dogs all different breeds and they never did this.  Silly dogs, but its funny to watch!


Franklin does the barrel rolls for sure. Every time he gets up from a nap, every time he gets ready for bed, any time we are on plush green grass, etc. He usually does the full run, drop and roll, and pop up to run some more. The funny thing is sometimes he misjudges his angle and ends up doing a full run face plant/head stand instead of a roll lol. This summer he began to do a roll down the side of the levee by the river by my house, so basically it was a corgi body surfing upside down down the grass on the hill. Very funny to watch!

Mine both do the barrel rolls (my husband calls them them same thing), both on the rug and in the grass, while making happy yaps and grunts.   Neither rubs furniture or walls though.


I agree that while all dogs will roll, I haven't seen other dogs roll as much as mine do.   I think their body shape might make it easier for them, just like lying on their backs....

Both of mine do this, sometimes at the same time.  Brody will end up on his side and "swim" with his front paws.  I think it comes from one of the ways a corgi will not get kicked by a cow is to roll out of the way.

Noodles does this first thing in the morning. It cracks me up because on the other side of the living room, we have a couch and Noodles runs down the stairs (only 6 of them) and aims straight for the side of the couch to crash in to. He does this with a goofy smile on his face (and tongue dangling out) and makes grunting sounds. He then will circle through the kitchen and fling himself on the carpet and roll over while making quiet barking sounds with his feet kicking in the air. It is quite entertaining. He usually does this routine first thing in the morning and when he gets excited.

Murray too..especially on his morning walks...and he can't pass up even the smallest patch of dirty snow without stopping.  His first year we had an unusual amount of snow and he would climb the piles of cleared snow, roll on the top then end up sliding down on his back head first.  Nobody has more fun than a Corgi.


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