so after a week and seeing the vet, Baden still has itchy red skin. hes miserable and the benadryl helps (which the vet said to keep doing)  but the moment i think everything is ok his skin flairs up again and goes mad itching and chewing himself. the vet gave him some shampoo (once a week) and lotion that i have to apply 2Xs a day and that has proven to be a nightmare because he HATES the smell and so do i. it smells so bad, like pinsol and bleach is what i reminds me of. so i am looking for a new shampoo, spray, pill, anything to help him. hes so miserable and i dont understand what i am doing wrong. i even went and got coconut oil and put it on his skin but all he did was lick it off. should i try aloe vera? shea butter? im cruising though and found some shampoos that might help him but before i spend money i am asking what have u used to help your fur babies?

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So glad to hear he's at least getting a small amount of relief!  And how horrible to have an allergy to flea bites.  :(  Is there anything, aside from trying to avoid fleas, that the vet recommended for him? 

i know right? i mean better than grass but still. its hard to avoid fleas all together since he wants to play at the park and go on trail walks.

she recommended a topical spray called trizcolor. its supposed to hydrate the skin and to prevent infection from all the biting. but what happened with that is he had a terrible reaction to that as well :( he got small pimples all on his belly so i had to bath him immediately. but i have continued with the coconut oil and that does the trick perfectly and she said that was totally fine. the last thing she recommended was using comfotis instead of advantix as for some reason it has no effect on fleas here in nor California anymore. the moment i told my vet what i was using she said thats how the fleas got to him even thought i put protection on, it just had no effect anymore  

Dandruff shampoo?

I find that Cetaphil is surprisingly soothing on human itchy patches. Walgreen's has an identical knock-off that's cheaper. You could use that instead of shampoo.

Hm. Is he shedding? Cassie chews herself a dandy hot spot every time she sheds -- twice a year like clockwork. Possibly gently brushing out as much hair as you can would help???? A tablespoon of olive oil in his food, maybe?

Waitaminit. Have you had your house sprayed for termites or roaches or ticks? I just remembered: Years ago a friend of mine had to treat her house for termites. Unbeknownst to her or to the exterminator, there was a crack in the slab under the wall-to-wall carpet, and the toxic chemicals wafted up through that. Made both her and the dog sick -- she almost died. It wasn't until a doctor learned that the dog had the same symptoms as she did that he tumbled to what was going on. Turns out both she and the dog were hypersensitive to the stuff -- her husband wasn't affected at all.

The insecticides that exterminating companies sell to you for monthly treatments are NOT harmless.

o my gosh im glad they are ok! i did bug bomb the place and it killed all the fleas. both pets are on protection and i vacuum regular. he gets brushed every sunday to maintain that coat since hes always shedding. i did try to add salmon oil and coconut oil to his food to help. i didnt think to use that shampoo though, if the sheapet stops working ill give that a try. i know when i itch it always works for me :P 

Be careful using human shampoos on dogs because dogs have a different skin Ph than humans, so dog shampoos are formulated for  that.

Has a food allergy been ruled out?   If not, you should try a food elmination diet---try a novel protein for 6 weeks and then you can slowly start reintroducing other ingredients.   You could try a dry food, although really you don't know what all is in the average bag of food.  

Otherwise, krill oil could be helpful and probiotics, vitamin E and Evening primrose oil.  My Aber used to get seasonal allergies and the evening primrose and vitamin e helped, but it never really went away until I switched him off dry food.  Likewise, Kelso had a problem with demodex mange and I've managed to get it under control with massive doses of probiotics to cure the secondary inflammation on his skin and yeast issues.   

after switching Baden from the lamb and oatmeal flavor from natures variety to beef and barley i found his symptoms went away. so im thinking hes allergic to either the oatmeal or the lamb. hes off the steroids finally but was told to keep giving him the vets best seasonal allergy pills which are helping him keep his skin clear. i also have been adding more coconut oil to his food and its made his coat super soft 

I give mine sardines in oil with their food, and also extra coconut oil.  It seems to help when allergies hit, just a benydril takes care of things.  Dont know if it will help, but it is cheap enough to try!

Baden LOVES coconut oil. he cant get enough of it lol


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