Overheard somewhere...its just a dog, if thats what you think you have no business having one.

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To me, if you are willing to make an  animal part of the family, it needs to be treated just like any human member of it.


teddy is not "just a dog" he is my best friend who i respect and love deeply. since the day i got him i have made sure that i devote my time to him each and every day and make sure he is happy.


and u are right, anyone who says that should not own a dog  

This post made me think of this great video. I am a very emotional person when it comes to my pets so this video makes me teary, so if you are the same way, it's best not to watch it at work. Kudos to the creator of the video since they "get it" when it comes to "just a dog".


In the event the video doesn't work/show up here is the url: http://youtu.be/FRgbO5Db9Ns

Oh my....this is an incredible video.  I haven't cried this hard in a long time...

stole the poem and made my own video! :-P




I totally agree.  My husband gave me a scenario one time...."The car goes into the river.  You can only save me or Dillon.  Which one is it going to be?"

I took too long answering and it's still a sore subject.  I told him I'd come back for him after I got Dillon to the surface, but he still didn't like that answer.  I told him he had bigger lungs than the dog....

I'd have a hard time answering that one too...they will never be "just dogs"...my husband doesn't believe me when I say "dogs are my sanity":)

'I told him he had bigger lungs than the dog.."  Oooohhhh LOLOL....you made me snort my coffee!  I love that!

Oh my gosh, I truly hope you are joking! If I lost my dog I'd be inconsolable, but if I lost my husband someone would have to come to my house and pry me out of bed and force me to eat and shower.

One of my dear friends lost her husband at a very young age, and trust me, losing a pet is NOTHING like losing a spouse. Not even close. When we lose a pet we miss them terribly.... and then we go out and get another one. It's just not that way when you lose a spouse, or a child, who you expected to be with you forever.
I so agree!  My corgis are part of our family!  A very big part!  Their health and happiness is every bit as important to me as any other member of the family!  They have brought me some of my greatest joys and I know that someday they will bring me some very great sorrow!  I really loved the video that has been added by Gail & Ashton,  (made me cry buckets of tears).

what, who said that, how terrible. thats right that person doesn't belong have  a dog or any animal for that matter.


People who say 'It's just a dog' are probably the same people that say 'It's just a kid'. 


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