just a suggestion for those who need to cut their corgi's nails (also, is my dog getting fat?)

hi all, i just wanted to share something really cool i learned. now i don't know about y'all but i used to be soo scared of clipping my dogs nails. ( even though they are clear white) and i recently found something that helped me see where the quick ends. i use a bright camping lanturn and put it near my dogs nails, and i can see the quick much better. i have terrible eyesight, and i found this helps me a lot. also, do you guys think kirby is fat?, or is he just getting his corgi shape? he is 2.5 years old and he is currently 28.4 lbs i am worried because my dad keeps feeding him from his plate (my dad claaims my dog "steals" his plate. i don't believe him, a my dad is a big man, i doubt a corgi could forcefully steal anything from him.

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Aww he is a cutie, he doesn't look fat to me and the one from the top I would say he looks quite lean but it is good to keep an eye out for that.
Clipping nails is scary for me also and even the vet got too close the other day:(  I think he looks good but it is good that you are watching his weight as they can "sneak" up  there very fast...I would try to keep him at his current weight. Also check his ribs as you should be easily able to feel them.
He doesn't look overweight to me.
Good tip on the nails.   I think his weight looks good but I wouldn't let him get heavier.  

See the claw-trimming FAQ.  Helpful stuff there maybe.

You do have to rigidly control food.  Train your dad to keep treats match-head sized.

He doesn't look big to me! But, I'm also wondering the same thing about my Brody. I will have to get new pics up and ask the same. He is about 7 months now and 21.5lbs. I've been told he's chunky... we started going on long walks daily haha.
i dont think he looks chunky, a lot of non-corgi people will say a corgi looks tubby, when its just the way they are built
that dog is not fat! looks great


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