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Bev, something weird happened to your text and it got buried as part of the photo. Can't read it!! Sweet pictures but can you repost the text? Thanks!!!!

 Still ridiculously cute! How pretty she is!

I am having trouble adding to this. I will try again, We are having a great time having Lexi. She is all corgi, confident, loving and always hungry! Watson is having the time of his life having a sister that wants to play almost as much as he does. They wrestle and race around the house. She has plenty of attitude but really wants to please. We are greeted by a very wiggly butt and then she has been known to race around with a shoe in her mouth. Originally I thought we might want an older , retired dog and the breeder had a wonderful one but when I found out she had a tri colored that plan went out the window! I have such a soft spot for them as my beloved Sparty was one. We are enjoying her so much!

Look at that sweet baby!  Bev...she is just adorable.  Sounds like she is fitting in nicely and Watson must be so happy to have a baby sister to play with.  Can't wait to watch her grow.  Yes, our best plans do tend to go our the window but she is worth it.

So glad to hear they are doing well!  How nice to have two that want to play together.  We went the opposite route and thought we wanted a puppy when we came across Maddie.   Things tend to work out as they should have and once you've made your choice it's hard to imagine a different one. 

I do love the tri-colors.   Look how much her head is fading already!   It will be interesting to see how much black she keeps on her back.

Cutie Patootie!  :)


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