well another question about limping :(. A little background. I didn't see this happen because I was in another room but on Boxing Day, Milly raced from one guest across the tiled floor and jumped on the husband. When she landed, she couldn't step on her front right paw. This lasted for several hours so I took her to the emergency clinic. When we got there, Milly was putting weight on the foot again. They said to take her home and rest it and see our vet if it wasn't better in a few days but they did not examine or X-ray it, apparently the only thing that would show is if something was broken but since she could bear wright it was probably a sprain. I did call our vet when they reopened but Milly wasn't limping anymore so they said not to worry and there wasn't anything to examine. Well lately, she has occasionally started to limp on that foot again. Several days or even weeks go by without anything then she limps regularly for several days. What is strange is that sometimes it's bad when she gets up and gets better after walking a bit and other times it seems to get bad after playing/running. She gets glucosamine and chondriotin with msm and fish oil daily. I'm really not sure what to do. I don't want to take her to the vet if there is nothing to see but don't want to see her suffer. Her nails are cut regularly and her pads are a little rough but don't seem injured. I thought the top of her foot was a little swollen today but my husband said he didn't see it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I had a similar thing with my Nutmeg. She's about 9 months old now and every few weeks, something would happen and she would limp a bit. So, to make sure there wasn't a recurring injury, I took her in and the vet checked her out. Even though she was no longer limping when we got to the vet, the did xrays and the xrays were clear. However, the vet did say that as she is still a puppy, her joints are developing and it was good to check it out as the knee/elbow is a complex joint and could easily get misaligned. He also said that this can be common with a corgi as their front legs kind of turn out a bit. He said just to keep an eye on her and try to keep her from being too rambunctious when playing. To which I replied, "Right, she's a puppy" and the vet laughed. So, if you're really concerned about your dog, go in and have an xray done. They will need to sedate your dog for the xray and you will have to right the check. But, you are the only one who can decide if you'll get piece of mind from taking those steps. Good luck.

Since you mention this beginning with an injury on Boxing Day I wonder if it is an injury to a ligament or something that may have recovered with physical therapy or something but it resufaces because it hasn't healed correctly. Though it has been a few months, I assume there must be some type of therapy that would help. I had a hip injury once that was bad at first, then came and went for no apparent reaon. One day it became intolerable nd I couldn't walk but there was no real reason I can remember. I think they found the injury, torn something or other, by an ultra sound which would be pretty low stress for a dog I think. I had a few weeks of physical therapy which worked wonders.
Update- I'm a little frustrated. Took Milly to the vet today. He starts off ( not our usual vet) with the "good news" is most front paw injuries don't need surgery. I was a little taken back as when we went to the vet she wasn't limping. The physical exam was pretty thorough. He feels like it might be a minor tear in the ligament of her wrist. I showed him the video of her when she was limping and he said in that it looks like shoulder but from the physical exam she only reacted slightly in the wrist. I was told walks are okay and to continue with her daily supplements. I really don't feel like I have an answer. Do wrist problems cause intermittent limping? He said X-rays won't help and other exams aren't necessary right now. I feel like I don't know how to help her and just wasted $100. :(
Sorry you didn't get a solid answer, but I am happy it wasn't too serious. I hate to suggest a second opinion because the cost is so high for vet visits, but I wonder if it would help get a more firm diagnosis. Hope things improve soon!

Second Holly's.

An occasional limp that goes away in a day or so isn't much to worry about. We all limp now and again, for various reasons that usually pass, or that come and go fairly harmlessly. But it might be a concern that this seems to have recurred. It COULD be something entirely different, in which case it probably will resolve in due time. But just in case, it might be worth asking another vet for a second opinion.

For something like this I would take Murray to his Vet/Chiropractor who is a different vet than I take him to for other things.  She is better at finding and ultimately fixing such things.  I started taking him to her to make sure he stays in shape for agility.  Many of my agility friends take their dogs to her.  If you want a second opinion that sort of vet might be good to consult with.  People who participate in dog sports could steer you in the right direction.

You mentioned that this recent vet was not your regular one. Have you called your regular vet to ask his opinion & if he'd have a 2nd look? My vet wouldn't charge another visit for this. But I don't know if that's the norm. I have to say that I also felt relief when I read it was Milly's front, not rear leg. How old is she? She's very lucky to have such a devoted owner. Good luck!
Thank you :). Milly will be 8 next month :). The clinics owner recently retired and now there doesn't seem to be a regular doctor. Three visits for different things, three different doctors. I'm not sure how things will be moving forward. Miss her old doc though :(


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