I am trying to figure out a job for my 1 year old to do to keep her busy...she is extremely fast,smart and a pest...so I am asking for ideas that I can use for a job she can do instead of trying to herd/pester the other dogs...we have 5 acres so there's room for her to do something I just can't figure out what...I would do agility but I would have a 60 mi trip 1 way and then we also have the snow in winter...I would like to find her something she can do in our yard on her own once she learns it to occupy her time. Anyone have any ideas???

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Maybe a twist on indoor hide and seek with a treat toy??? you could hide it in the yard, she could find it and then happily spend time eating her prize!!
Soccer ball?
You could have her backup your computer files once a week, but that won't keep her busy long...
You could get some chickens for her to herd! Ha. Someone suggested that to me for Tuck to do. I have a row home and a backyard that is about 15x50. I'm sure my neighbors would appreciate chickens running around.I guess on 5 acres you actually could do that though.
At our local pet store, they have "at home" agility equipment, they even have it at Meijer. Maybe set up your own little course?
Yes...it's too bad we don't live closer...it could be lots of fun for all!!!
Thanks everyone for your ideas...I think I can use them all I just needed some ideas...I have a soccer ball that Wynn used but I have to put air in it....I built a jumping panel and also made a tire ring to jump through, that would work well...it's been sitting in my shed...barely used so it's time to bring that out too! I try to keep her from herding the chicks(20) as that is Wynn's job and he does it well! Bella watches the goats...

Livvy does fairly well at her basic skills(we had to quiet class do to her going into season) and is perfect on her leash and also stays in the yard but when they all go out to play together she just thinks she should be the boss...I know....management error....I guess I'll have to start witht the leash again and all these ideas and maybe she will get over this craziness...I have been very busy with work these last 6 months so I know it's mainly my fault...

OK...I woke up this am and decided that today was the day!!!! So since I have to find a pump to fill the ball we chose this as our next project...guess what it worked after several bribes and Wynn showing her how easy it was Livvy made the BIG jump (don't tell her it was resting on the ground)...she is very proud! I'll keep my little girl busy yet!!!!
Soccer balls! Ginny seriously loves to "herd" them around the yard. Barks at them, scoots them with her nose, puts her paws up on them and rolls them around...
I agree with Soccer balls. Chepstow has 4 and one of those little devils is always trying to sneak away from the herd. But he is always on top of it. Not one of the balls has escaped the yard yet!
You can buy a complete agility kit to keep at home for less than $100 online. Sounds like you have the room to set up your own course! I kept mine busy with learning a new trick every week...


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