Looking for some feedback on grooming tools-Rake or Furminator?

Its time for a new brush and looking at these tools I think they'll do a better job since her coat is so "thick". I don't know of anyone ever using one and I want something that will do the job and yet she will still enjoy...Thanks!

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I use both a rake and a furminator. I use the furminator to loosen the hair up and the rake to finish, then a damp cloth. I do not like to furminate too much because I think it does cut the hair.
We've got a Furminator and it seems to work really well on both our boys. They are a bit pricey around $54 at Pet Smart, but worth the money. I've tried all sorts of brushes and combs over the years, but the furminator seems to work the best. Good luck.
i got a furminator off amazon.com , it was much cheaper... be sure and shop around.

Definitely use amazon. I got a furminator for $20 on there! 

I know you're asking about those two specific products, but I JUST saw a commercial for this tool last night and thought I might as well throw it in.  I'm going to read some reviews on it to see how well it works before I buy it.  The most appealing feature is the curved bristles- they say it won't scratch or irritate the dog's skin as much as a regular comb.  It also comes with a mitt to help catch any loose fur.  Here's a link to their website with video if you want to check it out:



exactly!  I just searched for reviews... there aren't any yet since this product is brand new.  it's not even on amazon yet
Thanks all! Purchased the furminator on ebay...will be here in about 3 days...I can't wait. Thanks to all for such a fast response! Love this site!!!!
how much did you get the furminator for? I'm also looking for one and I'm hoping to compare prices before I make a purchase :]
Please furminate outside, the furs will be flying!   It would be easier to clean up outside.
Just be careful with the furminator  it is a shedding BLADE  so it does cut the coat if you use it too much you will cause bald spots:(
I didn't like the furminator and Gracie didn't either. And the fur that it removed was so fine and staticky (sp?) that it flew around making a mess everywhere. We prefer a fine wire brush.

I use the furminator only for heavy shedding times, and almost always outside as it does make a mess. It's amazing for getting out the loose undercoat when they are really blowing coat though. For regular use I just have a slicker brush and a greyhound comb.


I think the medium furminator is around $30 on amazon.


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