Hi all,

Potus will be turning 4 next week and I have always made him a birthday cake (or a 'pupcake'). However, Potus is on a low fat diet (less than 5% fat) due to having low grade pancreatitis.

Does nayone have any yummy treat ideas for Potus' birthday celebration? His main treats these days are vegetables but I would like to give him something special without causing his pancreatitis to flare up.

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I've used this one with success...maybe you could leave the frosting off and use low fat cheese?


How about finding a low fat pumkin cake recipe??? Sometimes you can substitue pumpkin for most of the fat...I think. Good luck!

Thanks Janes!

I think I might go with the pupcakes... but no frosting :) Hoping the weather will be nice and we can take him to the lake to have a picnic and some cake with his dog friends :)

"A lowfat *birthday cake*?!"

The awful reality slowly sank into his corgi mind.

"Shoot me now."  he responds.

Look, how about a really, really tiny birthday cake made out of sausage and bacon?

turkey sausage or bacon...lower fat not sure how they'd taste.

Luckily Potus does not realise that green beans, carrots and peas are any better for him than liver treats and the such, he still goes mental for them!

Interestingly I don't think we can get turkey sausages or bacon here in Australia, at least not where I live. We've only just started to see turkey mince in the supermarket.

Frozen yogurt?


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