In the past month or so Lucy has added to her ever growing vocabulary: different levels of growling. Does anyone else's Corgis do this? I find it pretty funny. She does it when she plays with her football (her favorite toy) or changes position when relaxing. Sometimes the soft growls come with snorts or low woofs, as if she is talking to herself. She does not direct it at me or at the cats, although she will woof at me if I make fun of her by imitating her (to the best of my ability--growling is very hard to do!). This is my first dog so I was curious if this "sound-making" was pretty typical.

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All of my corgis (3) have made alot of funny noises. Sparty was the most vocal, expressing himself frequently while Buffy and Izzy mostly just made noises during play.

hehe yes, Appa is a talker too. I love it! Some people seem to misinterpret her "Hey, I wanna play!" grumbling and barking as aggression but as she only does it while playing--I'm pretty sure she's not being a meanie. She "Burfs" (the low, short bark) at people or dogs as they go past the yard or she sees them out the front door. And when we play with her she "rarrr-RAR-rarr"'s. :) 
I hear most corgis are pretty vocal, so I think it's definitely a normal corgi-thing. 

She did a lot of it today as I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. The closer it came to taking the turkey out of the oven, the more she "talked." It's a funny combination of quiet growling/rumbling, low woofing, and other chirp-like sounds.I get a kick out of it.

lol, hoping some of that turkey had her name on it, no doubt ;)

Oh, yes, she did get some once it cooled down--I put some on top of her regular food as a treat. She is getting very good at her "circus dog" walk on her 2 hind legs.

lol! What wouldn't a corgi do for some good eats, eh? ;)

Torri does a lot of woofing, and I can pretty much get what she is trying to tell me.  When we are walking, she woofs for permission to cross the street (she will not cross without permission),  or to go greet one of her buddies, human or dog.

She watches out our front door, and I can tell by her barks if is a doggie friend or a stranger. 

oh man, I wish Appa would ask permission to cross the street. She has a bad, bad habit of bolting out the door if we accidentally leave it open and always to the other side of the street just to stand there and look at us like "Hah! I did it!" and then let's us catch her...and promptly put her in time out... 
Did you guys teach her that or does she just do it on her own? 

I wish Story would ask permission, too!  She has accidentally gotten out the front door when it was open a couple of times and she has a way of going absolutely deaf if she gets down the driveway, scares me to death.  My husband just announces to her that he's going inside then then slams the door.  Boy she hears that and comes running to the door, asking to come in!  Now I always do a "stay" with her when the door is open.

ohhh yeah, Appa turns her deafness on as well. I've wanted to try just running back inside and slamming the door or something (when she did this at my parents' out in the country I just started running full force away from her and she started chasing me) but my husband always charges after her issuing some not so nice words towards the escapee, lol. She acts like she's never been outside before. I take her on walks all over the neighborhood all the time--crazy thing. I think she just thinks it's a game of chase, basically. I'm gonna have to work with her on stays/staying at the door more. 

Working on the 'stay' at the door is definitely worth it!  Story has been much better at the door (knock on wood!!) I've also taught her "on your bed, stay" so she will stay on her bed with a toy when we eat dinner.  This one took a lot of frequent redirection but she pretty well has it now!  She even did it with being redirected back to her bed only a couple of times when we had Christmas dinner at my sister's house. 

Story entices me into a game of chase by stealing something and running outside with it.  It is the funniest thing, she will growl like a tasmanian devil!  I do enjoy her craziness a bit, so I will stand in the yard while she runs circles around me.  Then I announce that I'm going inside, shut the door and she's at the door ready to come in.  She is by far the funniest dog I've ever had, despite her transient deafness!

Story is very vocal, too.  When someone comes home she "talks" to them then comes running to me to "tell" me that someone is home.  When she meets someone on a walk she used to bark like she was saying, "Hey, Hi, do you want to pet me??" I've actually worked on "Quiet" on walks because she would frighten people (even as tiny as she is).  When we are practicing her "tricks" she will sometimes talk to me like she's saying, "enough mom, please just give me the treat!"  She can also sound like a crazy tasmanian devil when she is herding the ball or playing tug-o-war (or has stolen something and taken it outside!)  Then she has her huge, big dog voice when someone comes to the door.  No one ever expects this tiny cutie on the other side of the door!


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