Marty is two years old and was neutered when he was 5 mo. old.  He is completely housebroken.  Recently while visiting a friend who has a dog, I saw him mark in my friend's house!  Just a few drops on a trash can.  I was mortified!  I thought it was an isolated incident, but he did it again at another friend's house who has a dog.  He has never done it in homes that do not have dogs.  Is there any help for this?  Has anyone else had this issue?

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He is probably smelling an old pee spot...even if cleaned up and no odor to us...they seem to smell it! Yes, my male will do this on occasion! You can watch him closely while there and try the "no".
Agreed, a proper introduction to the place and supervision is required. First meet your friends dog at a neutral place (not his home), exercise and walk them for 45 minutes. Introduce him to the new place one leash, correct him when he lift his legs. Good luck!
This is perfectly normal behavior for many males, even if we don't like it! Neutered males will mark, and dogs don't necessarily generalize their housebreaking to understand it means "no marking indoors anywhere." I always keep Jack leashed and watch him like a hawk at any new indoor locations. Like Sam and Jane say, tell him "no" or even better "leave it" if he knows that command at the first sign of lifting a leg. I'll actually ask Jack to "leave it" if he's even giving an extra-thorough sniff to anything upright.
Thank you all for your advice. I am so relieved to hear that others have had this happen. From now on I will watch him closely and correct him when needed. We use the "leave it" command. I will try that.
I've got a spayed female and she will mark mailboxes and trees, lol. As for inside, I keep Ella on a leash in other people's homes and watch her for signs. Since it was a trash can I'm sure your guy smelled "something" on it. Also being someplace new with new scents can be confusing/exciting for a dog. Like others have said do the "no" thing, and try walking them around a bit outside before moving inside. Outside they can safely mark and get the scent of the other dogs.
My guys, both neutered at 6 months, will mark when we go for a walk and certainly will try if we go to a friend's house where antoher dog lives. Just because we can't smell it...I know it's embarrassing, though, for the humans involved. All this advice is just what i do but i also try to avoid taking them to other people's house. Outside is OK but inside you just can't prevent everything.


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