Corgis are usually happy bright rays of sunshine, but Dante has me so frustrated. I've been sitting here with my head in my hands trying to decide what is best at this point. He got attacked two separate times by stray dogs in the neighborhood (his outside time has been strickly monitored since then), and ever since, he's developed severe aggression. We made huge progress with him (lots of training, therapy, and positive socialization), but lately he's regressed so much that it's almost like he's a wild animal. I'm covered in huge scratches right now because I had to forcibly pull him off of one of my other pups :( I can't rehome him, because in this area it would be a bait dog death sentence! And knowing aggressive he is, I wouldn't be able to send him off with someone with the chance that he could hurt them. I love this dog to bits, but I am seriously bleeding right now because I had to get into the middle of a dog fight. He almost got one of my kids several times in this altercation so now I am genuinely scared.

3/11/14 Update:

After having an enlightening conversation with a rescue lady and a lot of talking, rationalizing, and crying, we decided that letting him rest would be the best and safest option. It was pointed out that the longer we spend trying options with only a slim possibility of helping, is just that much more time that we risk him seriously injuring someone or one of the other dogs. And as many times as the houdini sneaks out of the house we are endangering the kids in the neighborhood too :( So my husband took him to go to sleep today. I wish I could say I was strong enough to be there at the end, but I couldn't bear to be there and stayed home with the kids.

I appreciate the kind words and suggestions from everyone. I wish we could have found the perfect solution for him, but sometimes being sick isn't a physical illness that can be cured or fixed. He has obviously been mentally unwell for some time now, but he's finally getting to sleep peacefully without bother from whatever "demons" that have been haunting him.

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I have no advise.  I just want to give you a hug. 


Could there possibly be a health issue going on that might have caused his agression to escalate?


Thank you! His vet gave him a clean bill of health and hasn't given any suggestion as to why it has worsened :(

I am so very very sorry.  I have no advice other than to call the trainer/therapist you worked with before.  Many good thoughts and hugs headed for you.  Please keep us posted.

Thank you!

Hang in there.  When I had to put my mastiff down, my daughters corgi had a bit of trouble.  He got really aggressive. My mom was visiting and Ein attacked her dog 3 or 4 times. Once they left, he started going after my min pin.  After a very angry phone call with a so called trainer that was supposed to help aggresive dogs, we decided we were gonna fix it. Ein did nothing without permission.  He didnt eat, go out, play, sleep...without us letting him.  He has a crate, so we were able to put him in a "time out" if we had too.  We also started exercising him....alot.  I have them out chasing a ball usually twice a day.  And he jogs with me.  It wasnt easy, I am not gonna lie, cause we had to watch him to make sure he wasnt focusing on the other dogs.  We did bring my corgi into the house about 6 months after he got better.  Aside from the puppy adult thing dogs do, it has gone smoothly.  My folks have even brought their dogs back to visit.  My corgi is aggressive with strange dogs.  I have been bit 5 times so far, which is my own fault cause I try and drag her out of the conflict.  I did cry, and feel hopeless, and it sucked.  But right now you have more determination than Dante, and you can use it.  So hang in there!

That is pretty much the approach we have been taking. He hasn't been allowed to interact with the other dogs at all. They all get put in their crates before he can even come out, but somehow (I think one of the kids) there were some escapees yesterday, leading to the fight that got me so scratched up.

Is he attacking people, or are you just getting hurt because he's attacking other dogs?

If the latter, then I would think working with a behaviorist and having strict household management, where he is not able to get to the other dogs til you work through the problem, would be the best path.

I am very sorry you are dealing with this.  :-(

both. He's already unsuccessfully worked with a behavioral therapist.

I am so sorry! I have a reactive dog too. With Livvy it is 2 things...the balls are hers and any bigger animal is hers(goats etc). We no longer have goats so she is now thinking the bigger dogs are hers to "herd". She does not normally become aggressive but has enough times to make me watch her closely. I understand how you feel.

I would leave a leash on him in the house so you can keep control and/or tether him to you. Does he like a crate? I would also use that when you are unable to watch him. A child gate that keeps him away from others also works well.

Watch for signals he is giving...Livvy will lift her lip and that means she needs to redirected and maybe in a different room. Does he know "look at me"?

Getting help is a good idea. Poor boy....I believe this may be caused by anxiety and him getting attacked.

I would also get a soft muzzle to use when needed.

He's in his crate any time we can't watch him and any time the other dogs are out. We tried the leash but he would yank clean away from us to get to the others :( There isn't a chance for any signals, all it takes is for him to see one of the others and he goes straight for them.

I like the idea of the soft muzzle and leash to prevent any further injuries at this time.    I beleive with the right "Intensive" help at this time he could turn around.    You fears will be felt which might tense the situation but I'm no behaviorist but just a strong beleiver they are like spunges from our emotions.       But your reactions are certainly normal concidering the circumstances.

I agree wtih your the family needs to make a decision and at this time it seems the family would need to adapt to this situation, to keep him close, and to socialized closely in a trained setting.

Good luck.

I don't know how much more intensive we can get. Like I mentioned, he's already gone through trainers and therapists and gets completely isolated from the other dogs and the kids :(


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