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I have a 10 month old female Corgi named Lucille who weighs 12lbs. I got her from a BYB at 5.5 weeks old because her mother weened the pups early. (She had 9 pups and it was her first litter.) Lucille was the runt of the litter. Her Mom was fairly small as well (about 20-25lbs I'm guessing) I've heard people talk about 'Mini Corgi's'...are they real or is it something made up? If real, would Lucille classify as a 'Mini Corgi'?

Lucille has plenty of energy; I feed her approximately 1.5 cups per day. She is happy, healthy, and has her papers. I just want to know if anyone has any advice or concerns. Lucille is my Service Dog and does a wonderful job but I want to ensure she has the best and stays healthy. Does anyone have any tips or similar experiences? 

Thank you,

- Lexsey

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They're not a "real" thing, just an undersized dog. Some breeders do breed for a smaller size, but it's generally frowned upon to breed away from the AKC standard. If your breeder let puppies go home at 5.5 weeks I've got to believe they were not super educated on dog breeding as that's not even legal in many states.

That being said, being undersized should not affect her health or ability to be a wonderful pet.

There really isn't mini corgis but I guess some people who have smaller dogs may call them minis. A normal weight for a female corgi in good shape is 24-26 pounds so that wouldn't be that small. Also Corgi don't get to their full size until almost 2. How tall and long is she? Although this will change for several months yet also.

She is beautiful!!!!!

She is adorable.  My girl is on the small side too, she only weighs a little over 21 lbs. and just turned 2. She is in no way a "mini" corgi just petite.  I agree that there is no such thing and I would beware of anyone advertising their dogs as such. 

Cassie weighed 23 pounds when I got her. The vet thought she was a little small for a Pembroke, but the lady who runs the Corgi rescue here (and who knows a LOT about corgis) said that was about average. Ruby is now exactly a year old and is still slightly smaller than Cassie -- about 18 or 20 pounds.

At 10 months, a pup doesn't yet have its full growth. Ruby was much shorter just two or three months ago (compared to Cassie) that she is now.

She is too cute. Maybe she's just a runt! :) 

Thank you!

Love those ears, straight and clean...    :)

I can't say anything about weight and size other that I know PWC are a bit smaller than Cardis.    I see it has us, we have some people of all shapes and size and slight variations of weight in pups should be expected..    That's my only 2 cents.

But I agree with letter pups leave their mother's care at 5.5 weeks.     My mother in law brougth her mutt at 4 weeks of age and with lack of socializing and exercising, it had the effect intented..       I wouldn't worry about the size and even after 2 years with Wally, I still get people approaching me with a definite answer to "What Wally is".     I kid you not, everyone's an expert on classifying your pup by just looking at it for 2 min.     :)


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