He got out last night Wednesday Jan. 11.  We live in Rincon Georgia.  He has severe food allergies.  If you know anyone in the area please pass on.  He has on his collar and rabies tag from Kansas.  Does anyone have advice on where to post or call?  So far I have:

Called all local vets

Called animal control

Posted on Craigslist and petfinder.  

Making flyers with photo.

Any other advice?

Thank you all.  Hug your Corgis tight, this is terrible thing to miss them!

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Humane societies also....just incase some one found him and took him there. I would make up fliers also. Post on light posts near you home. Call neighbors, ask kids near your home?

Radio and lost ad in the paper.

Check all local shelters, humane societies and rescue groups.  If you don't find him within 48 hours, expand your search to nearby towns.  I'm sure someone on here can pass the word along to corgi groups on facebook if you don't have a facebook account.  Get the word out to as many people/organizations as you can. 

I would also call the vet in Kansas....just in case they were called with the rabies tag. Give them the contact info so they or the people can call you. Long shot...yes...but I might call the vet if I found a dog.

Newspaper.  A lot of them let you post lost ads for free.  Also, call all local police stations and give them a description with your info.  Will keep my fingers crossed.

put on your towns police dept face book if they have one. Call police to alert them and keep an eye out. Good luck,.

Hi Ericka-so sorry to hear.  Don't forget to keep checking in with the organizations on a regular basis. Good luck. I hope you find him very soon.

call the vet in Kansas as well who his rabies tag is linked to, that way if anybody sees the tag and calls them they will have your contact info

Good idea as that is what a vet office would do it they are asked about the dog. 

I have posted his picture on facebook too and the rescue at facebook.  I think you should try Savannah and Charleston area's and even Macon as folks traveling may have picked him up if he got by a busy road. I agree about checking neighbors as that is what happened with my daughters dog.  But we missed them and they called animal control and they called us.   I'm praying for his safe return.   I would consider putting a dead bolt that is keyed on the doors.  We have them due to our grandchildren.  I keep a key nearby out of reach of the door. For saftey.  It is a pain some days but it has kept my sweet ones safley inside and safe for my dogs.  Keep posting to keep this fresh on folks minds.  

I have a niece in Savannah who is dating a boy from Rincon. I will let her know to have him keep an eye out for you.

Thank you all so much!  Still waiting on animal control/shelter to return my call. I have Left several messages.  Went on to petfinder.com for a list of rescues.  I emailed and called all those that I could find there.  Posted in papers and radio station.  Checked with the Police they told me to call animal control. :(.  Checked their FB and I am not able to post.  Called Kansas vet and no one has reported him, but I made sure they had my new number.  Called local vets he is in their log book.

Waiting for husband and older kids to get home from school then the 6 of us are going door to door and painting the town with flyers.  Scariest part is just down the street is woods and a big pond.  He loves to swim, I wonder if he took off in the woods.  IDK.  Thanks for the advice, I will try anything to get him home.  

Will be doing something different with doors, knowing my three year old may be able to open the deadbolt is scary.  

My springer spaniel/golden retriever mix got out one time and ran away when my husband was changing the batteries in the smoke detector.  (She hated that beeping noise).  We did all the things, called the police, shelters, vets, put up flyers.  About 3 days later a guy called and said his wife thought she saw her running in a field behind her house.  It was field with a stream running through it.  We went and looked for her in that general area, and were about to give up, when we saw her.  She was about three miles from our house.  So don't give up!  I think the best place he would be is where the water is, and varmin for him to catch to eat.  Good luck...I'm saying lots of prayers.


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