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  Mitz went to see the vet this morning.  I called them because one of her carnassials looked bruised, for lack of a better word.  I started looking up what it might be, and every picture made me increasingly worried that it was abscessed.  I love living in South Dakota because I called the vet's office at 11:15, and got an appointment at 11:30.  Where else does that happen?  (0: 


  A finger went into an inappropriate place, judging by the look on her face.  It took 3 people and a muzzle to get her nails cut.  The tooth is just chipped, thankfully, but an appointment is coming in October to extract the tooth and get her spayed.  She didn't trust the treats the vet gave her afterword, she maintained eye contact with him while spitting them on the floor.  We had to tell her they were treats before she lowered her suspicious gaze enough to try them, lol. 


  The only thing I'd like some advice on is how to get her weight down a little bit.  She's 30lbs.  We're giving her extra exercise, but how much should I be feeding her for a diet?  Which brand of food do you use when yours need to trim up?


Thanks ahead for any advice.

-Katie & Mitzie

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How much and what kind of food are you feeding her now? It's probably not necessary to switch foods, just cut down the amount. You can use green beans mixed in with her kibble to help her feel more full. My pem gets 1 cup of food a day total, if he goes over that he starts getting chubby.
I feed Lilly a half cup twice a day, so one cup total. They eat in the morning, and I put a spoon of yogurt in it, then in the evening I give them dinner and its with a fish oil supplement.  The fish oil makes their coats shiny and soft.  Ein, my daughters corgi gets a cup of food twice a day.  Even though Lilly is more active, Eins metabolism is faster.  My min pins get maybe 12 kibbles twice a day.  After Lilly got spayed she started getting a little thick, so I have had to cut her back.
Hi Katie,  in two months Layla's weight dropped from 29 to 26 pounds with the green beans diet.  My vet told me her ideal weight should be between 22 and 24 pounds. We're getting there!  She eats a total 2/3 cup a day of kibble mixed with green beans low in sodium.  I also give her a Mirra Coat supplement which is a blend of essential fatty acids vitamins and I only give her a small treat after her morning walk.  I used to give her dental treats but they have too many calories... I brush her teeth instead with an enzymatic toothpaste for dogs.  Hope this helps!

Thanks guys, I think the green bean diet is the way to go.  She's eating Purina Dog Chow right now.  I wish I could get her to eat something healthier, but we've tried Blue Buffalo, Iams, Science Diet... she hates everything except Dog Chow.  She also gets a spoonful of peanut butter a day, a calcium chew, and a glucosamine chondroitin supplement.



I'd get rid of the peanut butter for starters. Very high calorie for losing weight. I'd also try again to get her off the dog chow. I feed Blue Buffalo fish and sweet potato, very fishy smell in the bag but no fish smell on the dogs and they love it. Rosie needs to lose a couple of pounds. She has had shoulder problems and her vet wants no extra weight on her. We were told to cut her food in half from 1/2 cut twice a day to 1/4 cup twice a day and add some green beans. Rosie loves the frozen ones straight from the freezer (she'll even do her tricks for frozen beans). She's lost a pound so far and hasn't keeled over from starvation in spite of what she thinks!! I use PupCorn for treats. Low cal and they have peanut butter flavor. If you switch food, do it slowly so her tummy doesn't rebel. Also if she doesn't eat the new stuff, be strong and don't offer other stuff. She will eat when hungry. Someone said they never saw a Corgi die beside a food bowl with food in it!! Put her food down, give her 15-20 min to eat. If she doesn't, pick up the dish and offer it again at the next meal time. She'll live through it and you can tough it out!
You're welcome. There's also a great tool on the internet ''Dog Food Calculator'' http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-feeding-tips/dog-food-calculator and great tips on dog food reviews.

. We use either Taste of the Wild or Canidae(has rice) but NOT corn. The green beans are great to for making them feel fuller. Teddy my one rescue is on a green bean diet but he won't eat the green beans mixed in with his food but likes them as "treats" awhile after his food, he gets 1/3 cup 3 times a day but it also depends on their exercise level.


Good luck and i'm still hoping to get back to Sioux Falls yet this fall and maybe we can meet!


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