We are moving from the East Coast to the West Coast with our 24 lb full grown adult corgi. Does anyone have any experience with transporting their corgis for moving? I'm terrified of the idea of transporting her in the cargo section of the airplane, so am considering other options. Is it possible to fly her in the cabin area and purchase a seat for her?  Alternatively, has anyone ever used any of the ground pet transportation services (like "TLC Pet Transport") where they drive 4-5 dogs (in crates) in a van? Any experiences about moving with your dog will be much appreciated!

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I drove when I moved from New Mexico to Maine with my last dog. It took me about four days. I had a bad experience with my cat flying cargo. He was supposed to be in cabin, but after being stranded due to canceled flights, he had to go cargo. He knocked out several teeth during the flight.

How are you getting your stuff cross country? Would it be possible to drive?

I forget the names of the companies that were offered to transport Sully from Arkansas to Kittery, ME, but I had a choice of two I believe that did that route and passed through CT, R.I., MA, and ME, as well as a few more southern states I believe. They sent emails as progress reports along the way as well which helped. The ones I met were a laid-back bunch which I found reassuring. I would do it again, if that helps. It went through several states and stopped at rest stations to meet the adopters. Sully had a history of trauma and had "FLIGHT RISK" all over her paper work. She was clearly terrified when she got off the noisy van with all the other very excited adopters and equally excited dogs. Once I got her away from the loud van engine she seemed very happy and refused to leave my side. I was anxious about the long trip, but I think I would be terrified to have her out of sight and in a cargo hold. I have seen far too many damaged items and ignored issues that ruined trips for people. I also think the dog transport people are more invested in the actual dog's welfare than many airline staff would be so having her out of sight would be terrifying I think. Then again the plane trip would be over sooner. I think you and your dog will feel more secure when you decide which method makes you most comfortable. Best wishes! I'm sure you will be settled before you know it.

We travel by car 1,700 miles at a time and do this four times a year with 3 dogs and a cat.  Driving is my preference.  I have flown dogs safely in cargo also, but would never do it unless it was a non stop direct flight and the weather was neither extremely hot or cold.  A friend, who had a number of dogs and cats, moved from Virginia to New Mexico.  She used one of the Van transportation companies and was extremely satisfied.  Best wishes on your move.

Just wanted to give an update...We ended up using another company to transport our Corgi cross country via a minivan. It was in the middle of winter, and the total trip took about 6 days (with pit stops to drop off other dogs as well). We called the driver every night to get an update on where she was and how things were going. Am glad nothing went wrong on the trip!

Glad to hear this went well!

Think I wouldn't fly my dog in an airplane's hold ON A BET. Would drive across country myself (torture!!) before doing that. It's very good to know there are companies that will do this for you and succeed at the job.

Glad it all went well! Does she like her new home?

I'm sure you're glad all this is behind you!  Best wishes in your new home.

We've traveled from Roanoke, VA to Houston, TX (~1000 miles) twice for Christmas with Kaylee in her crate in the backseat. She is great in the car normally and took the trip pretty well. Obviously, she wanted all the play when we reach our destination. ^_^

I hate driving, but I'd rather know my corgi was safe and give her treats once and awhile than transport her in a plane's cargo hold. If you can drive with your pup, I would.


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