Hello to everyone. I am full of shame, fear, and loss (and a little anger) with deciding to re-home my 4 yr old tri-colored baby. For the last year and a half we have been dealing with dog aggression between our two female dogs. Maggie is always the victim. We have been working with a behaviorist, medications, and natural remedies to alleviate the issue (and obviously training), but the fights have become more destructive. Our most recent fight (approx 4 wks ago) resulted in Maggie needing to go to the doggie ER for a neck wound. After much deliberation, we have decided that Maggie would be best suited in another home. We have younger children who are at risk every time a fight breaks out. For the past month our house has become full of baby gates and shuffling in order to keep the dogs separate and safe. This is not fair to either of the dogs. Maggie deserves better. We live in West Michigan and are open to traveling to outside of Grand Rapids in order to secure the best home possible. This has not been an easy decision so please do not send me Negative responses..I do enough of that myself. For more information about Maggie please reply. She is a very loving little corgi who deserves a wonderful home.

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I won't judge you and can tell this has been a tough decision.  wishing you and Maggie the best.

If you've come to that decision it's probably the best for all creatures concerned. Are both dogs aggressive or just one of them. Does Maggie need to be an only dog? Any issues with children? You might want to describe what kind of situation would be best for her. So sorry you have to go through this. I hope it all works out for you.

Thank you for the feedback, I know I failed to mention more information about Maggie. Maggie is not aggressive  (although she is not passive when attacked). I believe that she would do well in a home with other dogs, with a little re-socializing. She is excellent with children, cats, and people. She is up to date on all shots and is otherwise healthy. She is used to the chaos of an active family, but is also a head strong corgi. Please feel free to ask more questions and I am open to helpful suggestions. Thanks

Such a sad situation. So sorry you have to make a decision like this. No negative feedback from me, but best wishes in finding Maggie a new forever home! Blessings

Laura so sorry for you situation.  There is a nice group on facebook called Michigan Corgi Club (I'm in MI too) with some supportive people that may be willing to adopt Maggie or help her find a nice home.  Not sure if this is an option for you. Best of luck to you and her. 

thanks, I will check it out.

So sorry you are going through this.  I once was in a similar situation, tried everything, until finally the aggressive one almost killed the other one...  You are making a painful decision, but not a difficult one to call.  When children are around you absolutely cannot risk their getting involved and you can't live in an armed camp either.  Some dogs are more genetically dog aggressive than others and there is little that can be done in that case.  Mine were also two females.  Females, when they fight, are worse than males... ( That's where the saying "She's a bitch" comes from... )   Dog aggressive dogs can be great with people, the two types of aggression are independent from each other. Best wishes in finding Maggie a good home. You are doing the right thing by her, as well as by your family. 

I am sorry for what you are going though and I do understand. I decided to rehome one of my females due to the same thing several years ago. I ended up being the one hurt (NOT bit) and had to have surgery with a plate and 6 pins put in a finger. I actually rehomed the female that was starting the fights a year later. I was lucky to be able to find wonderful people to take them and can visit them when I want. They are much better off being Queens of their own castles:) The one doesn't have to worry about the other and goes to work with the woman regularly and the 2nd now "owns" a 12 year old girl and loves to play with the cat. It was very hard but the best thing to do for the dogs!

Did you post on the different groups? It takes time...

I am so sorry that you have had to make this decision, I know it was not easy.  Prayers that you find the perfect home for Maggie and I wish you peace and comfort.  Know you are doing what is best for the dogs.

How far are you from Milwaukee WI? I have a woman who has a pup of mine and has helped me find homes for 2 other Corgis....They live in eastern WI...not sure where but it might be a possibility .

That is about 5 hrs from here. For the right home...i would be willing to drive.
I will text this person...not sure but can see if she has any friends that would like one. Make sure you have questions and references from anyone who might want her also.


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