So I recently took Range, my Corgi, to my friend's house for a dinner party who has a 9 month old Labra-doodle, named Adora and another one of my friends also brought their 3 year old Yorkie, Tiki. When Range first met Adora, they sniffed each other, then all the sudden Adora started running around and Range started chasing her. I figured this was playing, because I heard no barking, and Adora ran around really fast to where Range couldn't get catch up to Adora.

Then later Tiki came and Tiki is VERY shy and Range just charged him, wanting to sniff him, but Tiki was really freaked out and started barking and nipping at Range, and Range just became really hostile and aggressive towards both dogs after that. He just kept wanting to go at Tiki so aggressively to the point everyone was really scared for Tiki's life. We then had to put both Tiki and Range in their crates to separate the two. Then later, we figured we'll let Range out again and let him just play with Adora, but Range just didn't want anything to do with Adora and would bark at her if she got near him or near me. Then we let Tiki out again and Range would just chase him down and Tiki would run back in his crate and never wanted to come out the rest of the night, but then again Tiki was scared of Adora too.

At the end of the night, Range just looked like a big Bully. But he's not like this at dog parks or off leash parks. He plays with other dogs just fine. I don't know what happened?? Can anyone help? Do I need to take Range to a dog trainer to fix this behavior?

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I agree with Kelly. You can train Range not to overdo his enthusiastic herding with dogs that are not enjoying it by calling him off. Corgis are naturally confident, somewhat bossy little dogs which is great for herding but not always a hit at playdates. When Sparty was younger, he could get like that and I would just call him off if it went on too long even if the other dog was enjoying it at first. He learned to allow the other dog to chase him sometimes too. Now that he is 12 he is over that! Keep in mind it is often the frightened dogs that will attack and you do not want Range to get hurt.
Hi Keith and Joanne, I'm going to guess and say that they were not introduce properly on a neutral ground. Since Range is a visitor, he is on the other two dog's turf. Unless Range is ultra submissive personality, disagreement like this happens. To prevent this from happening again, try this.
My BBQ friends call Roxi the "Reff" while my mom calls her the "Dominatrix"

They are little pushy dogs sometimes lol.
Hi! Personally, I would not trust either of mine in a strange house with unfamiliar dogs unless we'd all had a chance to walk together first and then meet on neutral territory. If Tiki was barking and nipping, even out of fear, technically she was instigating.

Dogs that are socialized are often ok at a dog park because the park is covered with the scent of lots and lots of dogs and is therefore no one's territory. Moreover, it's an open area and usually dogs who are not comfortable can get away. In a home situation, all the rules are different and once Range had his guard up, he might behave in an unusual way.

My male is wonderful with other dogs but will bark very aggressively if he is inside or on the front yard and an unfamiliar dog walks by on our sidewalk. Next time you want a gathering to include dogs, if the dogs are not very familiar with each other and have visited at each other's houses already, it's best to walk them all first, and then carefully supervise interactions til you are sure everyone gets along.

Good luck!
I have found that Guinness does better with big dogs, because small ones seem to be more aggressive and less playful. They all seem to have "Napoleon syndrome" and have to act tough and mean and big because they are so small.


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