My corgi is very attached to me, it's upsetting my husband. Help!

Hi guys, I just joined today. I came across the site while browsing the web today for some answers. 

My puppy is just a little over 4 months old. His name is Gimli. :) We've had him for a little under a month. 

Here's the situation. I work 5 days a week, 8-9 hours each day. We got the puppy because my husband and I thought it would be the perfect time to, since he just got out of the Army and is taking a break until January, when he'll start going to school. Him being at home to take care of the puppy really put me at ease. 

My husband stays with him all day, 5 days a week, and takes care of him the most right now. He feeds him, gives him water, takes him outside to potty, and plays with him. 

I thought for sure that Gimli would be the most attached to my husband, but it's not the case. My husband feels a little upset that the puppy follows me around, sleeps at my feet when I am sitting at my desk or in the livingroom, and comes to me when I call him. My husband tries being "sweet", calling to him in a sweet tone, and he simply doesn't budge. 

Any idea why he would be more attached to me, instead of my husband? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. This is our first puppy. We've always had cats. :)

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We've had Maverick for a month now and he is mostly responsibility, since I'm the dog freak in the house (haha!). I potty him, feed him, play with him, discipline him... and make sure he and our other pups are socializing well. Both my boyfriend and I work, but he leaves before I do and we get home at similar times, so I am the one to crate him during the day. I spend so much time teaching and playing.. but at the end of the day he still gives my boyfriend kisses and me bites. It's not an "I love you more" thing.. it just might be an "I don't see you as much, so I'm gonna be sweet to you and make sure you come back" situation. I'm so routine with everything that he knows I'll be back. So he takes me for granted. But that's okay with me, because he has confidence in my caring of him.

And yes, he speaks English and told me this exactly.. I'm not just assuming anything. ;-) It'll come with time.. usually does.. that your pup will come to show your husband how much he truly values their relationship, and you'll be back asking why Gimli spends so much time glued to your husband.

In the meantime, I suggest treat-awarded training sessions. Or puppy classes of some sort. Great bonding experiences. :-)

They don't miss what's always there.  They get tired of seeing the same person all the time too. 

Chuckie was like that with my sister who doesn't take care or spend a lot of time with him.  He is always excited to see her and I'm like "why?"

But, every time I take a shower, he would sit in front of the bathroom door and wait for me.  Also, since I started school recently, he's starting to show me more affection since he doesn't see me EVERY hour of the day.  When I come home from school now, he wags his stub of a tail (something he only did with my sister when she came home from work) and follows me around wanting to be petted and even whines as if to say "You left me!".  He's very excited to see me on days that I leave for a long period of time.

My experience with my dogs, who are all older, is the same. I do all the work and spend all the time with them and they get super excited when others in the family come home. I am ho hum. I agree with the other posters, Have your husband take him to a class and if you are not aware of NILIF- Nothing in life is free please Google it and make it a part of your life with your dog. Gimli needs to start learning to come when he is called by your husband. He is very cute, you picked a slightly tougher breed for your first dog, so I'm glad you found this site. There are lots of resources here. As you run across different questions you can read the FAQ and also look for past posts by typing in key words at the top right search box. You can also include pictures in your post by using the little "Image" icon at the top of the discussion box. (after the image loads you can adjust the size- I like 400) Welcome to Mycorgi!

I love his markings!!  Welcome to MyCorgi...there are so many ideas for why this is happening, and you've gotten some good advice.  How does Gimli act towards your husband during the day when you aren't there?  If his stand-offish behavior is just when you're home, then it's probably just because he missed you.  Worst case scenario is that he just likes you better.  I agree that an obedience class is worth it--it will teach him your husband is a leader.  Remember that corgis are funny--some are real clingy while others are very independent.  

Puppy classes will help.  I think dogs sometimes get a routine and just stick with it.  Chloe is 4, spends most of the weekday with me since I work from home.  She gets very excited when my husband comes home though. I think she does not seem that connected to me because I am around most of the time.  Maybe that could be what is going on with your husband too.

I was kind of facing the same thing as your husband do a short while ago --- I am the one doing EVERYTHING, including the puppy classes, my boyfriend didn't even know how to take DouBao to potty... Sigh... However, DouBao seemed to love him more than me; I even kind of felt that she hated me...

But, till a month ago, (maybe something hit her a little head, God's hand?)she started to show all the affection to me, follow me around or make sure I am in her sight, want to sit/sleep on the sofa with me, I could touch her all over and kiss her as long as I want, and the thing I like the most is she will sleep like an angel by my side while I am working on something (like right now replying this post)...I feel our relationship is strong, she feels the most comfortable being around me.

I think they are like teenagers who are learning everything and everyone. They need to experience everything and then figure out who loves them the most.

Just ask your husband to relax, don't take it personally and enjoy the goofy puppyhood as much as possible (it goes really fast!) --- you need to have a sens of humor to survive the puppyhood, especially with corgis. He could be a little goofy or crazy with the puppy sometimes, like lying on the floor to play, hide and call puppy's name... He has so much time, he could even start a clicker training if he likes...4 months old is really young, don't worry, hang in there --- mine is almost ten months, so your husband might have a few more month to go... Lol....

I forgot to add that my female corgi (my dog) is not affectionate at all towards me.  The best that it gets is when she pounces on me in the morning in bed and covers me with kisses.  It doesn't fool me for a minute, because as soon as we get up she runs for the food bowl.  So it's not a "HI!!  I am so excited to see you!!" it's really a "hurry up and get out of bed so I can eat".  She sleeps at my husbands feet every night, and listens to him much better than me.  BUT...secretly I am her favorite person.  When she is in trouble or scared, she runs to me.  If she catches something, she brings it to me.  She sits outside the bathroom every day when I am getting ready for work, and follows me through the house before I leave.   (Even after she's eaten).  At night when it's time for bed (her clock, not mine) she comes to me and sits before me and woofs incessantly until I cave and go upstairs.  I find satisfaction in the fact that she runs to ME for comfort....she's my best friend, and vice versa....

Thank you everyone for all of the great advice, and the warm welcomes. :)

I see that a lot of you recommended puppy classes. Would you recommend the puppy classes offered at Petsmart, or any other ones? 

Also, I'm not quite sure what has been happening with Gimli for the past 2 days, but now for some reason, he is beginning to fear my husband. My husband and I were getting ready to leave the house today, so my husband picked him up to put him in his crate, and he totally freaked out. He screamed and yelped, and poo'd himself. Yesterday, as I was getting home from work, my husband came out to the front to open the door for me, and Gimli poo'd himself when my husband walked past him. 

My husband hasn't hit, or been mean with Gimli at all, so I am really concerned and confused. My husband gives Gimli more "freedom" than I do. I'm the one that usually gives him the "NO" when he is doing anything inappropriate. 

Also, Gimli picked up potty training very fast. We used the crate system religiously for the first week. Now that he's pretty good about going potty outside, he gets to roam around the house unless we are leaving or going to bed. I don't know if it's a potty issue, or if he's getting sick. His poo has looked the same as when we got him. Pretty solid. No diarrhea. 

Also, when my husband tries to pet him, or pick him up, he instantly cries out. When I pick him up, or pet him, he doesn't make a peep. I'm very concerned, I want Gimli to be a happy and balanced puppy, and I want my husband to feel some puppy love too. Any advice?

I got tickled when I read your post.  I save them.  And then they totally attach themselves to my partner, Patti.  Honest to goodness, I used to get so put off by it!  It actually kind of hurt my feelings.  Over time I've come to just accept that she has that kind of animal magnetism that makes every animal stick to her like glue.  Since hubby will be doing school and have some spare time, you might suggest that they take a puppy class together.  I did that with a couple of ours and it really helped them bond with me.  And we had fun!  

Pups do go through a stage where they are scared of things...maybe be sure hubby is getting down to his level and doing things or not leaning down/over to pick him up but calling him and being at his level to pick him up. Classes would be great. Treats for doing well are a great way to go also. Does hubby pick him up like a corgi needs to be lifted and also slow and gentle.

Yeah, he picks him up the exact same way I do. He just cries when hubby picks him up, and not when I do it. He seems to be doing better today, but then again, I'm here all day today because I'm not working. :/

Where do you guys recommend we take him for puppy classes? 

We go to an AKC Club because the cost here is the same as a pet store or other places. You can check some different places out (visit) and see which one you like the best. Ask questions also. Gimli is very cute:)


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