Keahi has been vomitting bile (foamy yellow fluid) at the same time every morning (around 7:30am) for the last few days. He's fine otherwise. Before we take him to the vet, I did a little web research and it looks like it can be one of three things:

1) Tapeworms
2) Bilious vomiting syndrome (BVS)
3) Inflammatory bowel disease (gastric reflux)

Has anyone dealt with these symptoms before? It sounds like BVS is fairly common and can be prevented by giving him a late night snack, but the weird thing is that we didn't change his eating schedule or diet - yet he started vomitting in the morning. Could it be something more serious? Any thoughts/recommendations? Thanks!

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My Elvis did this once in a while since he was a pup-I asked my vet and she said it's gastric reflux, they get too much acid in the tummy over night. He stopped doing it when I give him a late night snack...Then he started doing it again, but I figured it out-He would only vomit in the morning if I had given him a piece of tomato the night before (he always comes to get snacks when I'm making salad at dinner time). So no more tomatoes for Elvis even though he loves them (they are known to cause gastric distress!).
My Prince does the same thing. I believe it is from my husband given him a milkbone before he goes to bed. I never took him to the vet, he seems fine now. Good luck with the vet.
ein does this when i'm running late on his feedings. i assumed it was bile or acid since i suffered from something similar myself. but when i feed him on time, he's fine as could be. the only time he vomits now is when he goes and drinks his water too fast and tries to run away. puppies are so much like kids, it's scary. lol. hope everything checks out OK with Keahi :)
My Ein did this once ot twice after we first adopted him, after reading around here for a bit, I figured it was just some acid reflux and changed his lunch into a breakfast to even out the times between meals and it stopped.

My 1 year old corgi has been doing this for the past few weeks.  I have startedt to track what goes on at night to see if there is a pattern.  Doesn't seem to bother him, but at the same time, I wouldn't think it is a good think either.  Will take to the vet if it continues.

Well...from an amateur point of view (take it for what you pay for it!), I've had several dogs do that. I found it was because they were hungry. In fact, I came to call it "hunger-barfing." If the humans neglected to put the food down on schedule, the dogs would woof. As it were.

Try Sarah's strategy: give a late-night snack. And feed him the VERY first thing in the morning. Also, with my pooches it seemed that letting them chew on a rawhide anything -- fake bone, ears, whatever -- when they hadn't had anything to eat within the past few hours could also stimulate regurgitation of yellow bile. Feed smaller portions more often -- at least twice a day.      

Tucker will do this from time to time.  He's got a sensitive tummy.  The vet's suggestion was to give him a small over the counter acid reducer like Prevacid or Prilosec.  I get the generic at Costco and give it to Tucker first thing in the morning after he's had something different for dinner or after a Greenie.

Our corgi has had the same problem. Give him a late night snack before bedtime and it should go away. I think it's called bilious syndrome. It's not uncommon according to my husband who's a vet!!

Sophie used to do this. We just divided her total food amount for the day into three portions instead of the two we had been giving her, with the last feeding right at bedtime, and it stopped immediately. We had been doing the two feedings due to her seizure activity to try to equalize her blood sugar levels around the clock. The three times a day feedings seemed to help with that, too. Good luck.

Dogs have very acidic stomachs and so if their stomach gets empty it can get irritated and presto!  Vomiting foam.  I agree with the others:  give a snack at bedtime and feed first thing in the morning.

If we give Jack a big high-protein biscuit right before his after-work pre-dinner walk, he never vomits.  If we don't and we walk him on an empty stomach, he'll probably vomit 5 days out of 7. 


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