My sweet 13 year old corgi Bear was attacked by a neighbor's dog while we were about to step out for our morning walkies.  The other dog broke her lead, ran a half block and tried to take Bear down in our own driveway.  She was so forceful that she pulled Bear out from his collar.  Thank God for the Corgi ruff and the fleshy "waddle" on his throat.  Bear has survived a six inch wound and whiplash.   My other two corgis were quickly and safely stashed away in the house - but Bear, just a little slower, did not make it to safety on time.  Prayers for all corgis in distress and their owners who love them...  Nancy

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So very sad to hear but sounds like it was for the best. She was not thriving in the home she was in and was a risk to the neighborhood people and animals. Unfortunately with her bite history she would likely be considered unadoptable and no rescue or shelter would take her to work her through her issues and she was a continued threat to those around her. 

Glad to hear Bear is doing better. Poor old guy :-(

Very sad but at least you can feel safe again.

I am sad to hear that Anne had to be put down.  I'm sure it was a difficult decision for her family.  But the attacks would not have stopped and it could have been a child next time.

So happy to hear that Bear is healing well.  Like Jane, I would be prepared for Bear to have issues with larger dogs.  After Arnie was attacked by my neighbor's rottie he hated the breed for the rest of his life, fine with other dogs but rotties he would he became aggressive.

What a traumatic situation for all involved.

I am so glad that Bear is on the road to recovery.

My corgis Jake and Gryffin send get well wishes to Bear.


The owner did the right thing to put the dog down.  It was hard but, but the right thing to do.  My niece was bit by two 10 year old plus Schaunzers.  No provication on her part. .It is complicated story, but the owner of bad dogs were staying with sister and brother in law.  Apparently my niece was the 8th person bit. 


So sorry this happened! Hope Bear is doing all right!

Oh my goodness! Many positiveness directed towards you. I hope the wound isn't too serious.

Sad, but one of the imperatives of dog life is getting along with humans and other dogs.

It is something I worry about, because my dear Al has a long history of attacking other (almost always larger) dogs, mercurially, with no provocation at all.  I do not understand the behavior, and I hope/suspect it is largely "theater" because he has not drawn blood or done any real damage, but it is a scary thing to see. 

I have a hiking friend with 2 Belgian malinois.  He has lunged at each of them (3 times total).  In each case, I think it was a resource-guarding issue involving food, real or imagined.  The malinois have been most well-behaved, doing nothing to escalate, and walking away from it.  The large male did give Al some appropriate feedback -- a barely visible fleck of blood on his ear.  Mostly, it's no problem, and we've shared a tight tent with 2 humans and 2 dogs. 

But I always have to keep this danger in mind.  I can never fully trust Al, especially at feeding time (real or imagined).  If you have a dog with ussues like this, you have to be very careful. 


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