i have no idea what is causing this but i need some help. Baden has NO fleas but yet is scratching him self like crazy all day and night. i gave him an oatmeal bath and that calmed his skin down for a few hours but hes right back at it. his whole body is pink and inflamed (belly, ears, paws, back) his whole body is just irritated and hes so miserable :( hes not allergic to his food so i know its not that.

i had someone watch him last week and he came back itching but i assumed it was fleas but during his bath i found no evidence. even so i put flea killer in the carpet just to be safe. the cat isnt itching but hes still very itchy. any idea how to give my poor boy some relief?

hes scratching so much hes got sores on his belly and hind legs. i put some A&D ointment on it which deters him from chewing and will also help heal the sores. i have never dealt with this before and i just dont get what it could be 

UPDATE: so after a week and seeing the vet, Baden still has itchy red skin. hes miserable and the benadryl helps (which the vet said to keep doing)  but the moment i think everything is ok his skin flairs up again and goes mad itching and chewing himself. the vet gave him some shampoo (once a week) and lotion that i have to apply 2Xs a day and that has proven to be a nightmare because he HATES the smell and so do i. it smells so bad, like pinsol and bleach is what i reminds me of. so i am looking for a new shampoo, spray, pill, anything to help him. hes so miserable and i dont understand what i am doing wrong. i even went and got coconut oil and put it on his skin but all he did was lick it off. should i try aloe vera? shea butter? im cruising though chewy.com and found some shampoos that might help him but before i spend money i am asking what have u used to help your fur babies?

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equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray him with it.  avoid open sores, as it probably will sting those, but apple cider vinegar is amazing with itch relief.  i know it worked amazing on me after i get eaten alive by mosquitos in the summer.  hope this helps.  feel better soon baden!!

thank you for the tip :) i have been using it once a week for a natural flea replant and to add shine to his coat but i didnt know it could help with bug bites

He may not be allergic to his food, but did his doggy-sitter feed him anything that he might have been allergic to?  Or perhaps he got into something that he shouldn't have?  Also, I can't remember when it was that you moved (sorry!), but is this his first spring in that area?  Maybe it could be a seasonal allergy (grass, dust, etc.)

If he's been itching furiously for an entire week with no relief, you may wish to consider taking him in to be examined.  With no sign of fleas, it'll be hard to nail down exactly what is going on without some testing to confirm or rule out various causes.  I hope he feels better soon!  :( 

thank you and no worries! he is due for a 6month check up so if this spray i bought dosnt work, ill have them take a look. it is spring time here and this will be his second time experiencing spring and i do remember him being a bit itchy and sneezed a lot due to all the pollen here.

the only thing i can think of is he has been on the same brand for awhile (the dog sitter feeds ol'roy) and Baden gets natures variety prairie and i normally feed him the venison one but i figured i would have him try the lamb and oatmeal flavor. could be be allergic to the oatmeal? i did give him a oatmeal bath when i thought he had fleas

I would try Benadryl...it works great and might make him a little tired. Make sure its only the plain Benadry.

Good luck.

thank you Beth! if all else fails i will try this

I would also try the benedryl. Undoubted your pup is allergic to something.

Benadryl 1 milligram (mg) per pound.  The hot-pink ovoid tabs I have are 25 mg, so 1 tab for my 25 lb. corgi.

I have seen 3 of these markedly calm down a 75 lb. Belgian malinois disturbed by firecrackers.

For flea problems, I suggest Fleabusters, who dust your home with polyborate salts.  This is a dessicant, not a neurotoxin.

Poor baby :-(. Seasonal allergies seem like a possibility, especially since we haven't had much of a winter to speak of here...

Some times seasonal allergies are worse the second year of exposure.  In the first year, they develop and then hit hard the second.

Sounds like an allergy of some kind. If he's scratching himself to the point of getting sores, I'd check with your vet for an aggressive treatment. While Benedryl may help, it sounds like something faster acting might be in order.

relief at last! last night i took a trip to the pet store as he couldnt see the vet for a few more days. i bought vets best flea and tick bite healer, vets best seasonal allergy relief, and some benadryl. last night i gave him the medicine and sprayed the ointment on him (boy does it stink!!) but it soothed his skin and he slept through the night. this morning he had minor scratching so i gave the seasonal allergy support and hes itch free for a few hours now. his body, which was bright pink and hot, is now back to normal. he smelly lol but im just glad hes not itching anymore

thank you all for the suggestions :)


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