It is so difficult to clip Bella's nails. It's getting the point where I can't even do it myself anymore. She is terrified of the clippers. She is totally uncontrollable when I bring the clippers out. She runs, growls, snaps, and bites. Does anybody have any tips to help me with this problem? She bit my brother today, and I don't want to have to take her to the vet where they'll put a muzzle on her whenever her nails need clipping.

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I'm glad you've had luck with PediPaws. We found it does not rotate fast enough for our corgis' tough nails.
If she is snapping and biting at anyone, regardless if it's you or the vet techs then you should be muzzling her. There is no excuse for biting. How old was she when you first started clipping her nails? Has you ever clipped her to the quick and made her bleed? I've started all of my dogs on clipping as soon as I got them, same with ear cleaning and socialization. So I'd say get her used to wearing a muzzle and clip her nails safely, no one wants to go to the hospital over a nail trimming session. You could always dremmel her nails, it's much less painful though they have to get used to the sensation and noise of it.
Duncan goes into complete panic mode whenever we tried to do his nails. At the vets, three of us couldn't hold him still to do his nails, no matter what distractions we did. The stress is so high, that I've finally have them sedate him to do his nails. While he is like this, I have them do any other checking or things that I think need done. It's a great time for me to have his ears cleaned deep, also. I question the vet throughly before coming to this decision, which he assured me was safe. I know a lot of people on the site looked down at me for this, but the stress level was way to high, and it seem to start Duncan having trust issues with us after each attempt to do his nails the normal way.
I wrap Eddy up in a big towel like a burrito and then wrap a little one around his neck like he's in a body cast. Then Mike deals with the head end, giving him treats and praise, etc., and I clip the nails fast fast fast and file them.
I just take mine to the vet and he does it. Pretty easy actually even though I know it means I am a wimp!
Ansley hates to have her nails done and even as a 6 week old puppy never liked it! After trying for 4 years at this I found out to do a little each week is a big help. I never nip too short...ever. If you trim each week, the quick recedes so that the nails are in good shape. I work for a veterinary supply company and speak with a lot of different people about clipping. Positive reinforcement works on nearly every dog...just like children.
Sitting in his chair my husband holds Riley...Riley's back against husband's torso, Riley doesn't watch (too funny). And I clip away! Riley's nails need to be clipped about once a week (good thing he doesn't mind the clipping). Also, I haven't hurt him yet. With our first corgi, who was very much against the clipping of nails, I started with a pocket full of small pieces of mozzerella cheese, for each nail he would let me clip he got a worked, I gradually took away all but a couple pieces of cheese :)
Bucher has been BAD with clipping of the nails since we found out about his hip. We take him to the vet or the vet tech. They don't muzzle him. My husband will hold him and the vet clips and the vet tech holds his head or I go and talk and hold his head. We have to be careful of his bad back hip so we hold him up so he doesn't pull or strain it while we're clipping his nails. Sally is fine with us clipping & the last time we did her nails we actually got one nail on each of Bo's feet clipped!!! I sat on the steps outside with Bo upside down on my lap and my husband clipped. Then a TREAT!! Maybe if we keep at it????


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