I noticed that on Tuckers front paw, the last nail seems to be maybe breaking, but not quite sure?  It looks like a line on each side of the nail, and I can put the tip of my fingernail and feel kinda of a groove.  It is not the part of the nail you could cut, I want to say its in the quick area, anyone have any ideas what this could be from?  Will it eventually tear all the way, hopefully not!!  It is also on both front paws, the last nail on each paw. 


When we rescued him, he was in need of a nail trim.  We have been walking just about every day since we have had him, give or take a few days here or there.  I noticed that the middle two nails are wearing down but not the ends.  :(  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Do you think that maybe his nail could be splitting from poor nutrition? Just a thought since he was a shelter dog he may not have been fed very well and at least with people it can take some time to make things better.  
Well he is not on the best food right now, and definately are slowly switching to a grain free diet.  Im just hoping that it wont completely crack off.
Got photo?

I do..will upload sometime today


Sparty has allergies and bad nails. My vet recommended fish oil pills.

do you think the fish oil helped Spartys nails?

We have only been doing it for two months so it is probably too soon to tell.

Could he have gotten it stuck or wedged in something, like a screen mesh, sidewalk crack, screw hole in sheet metal with sharp edges....?

Al drags his right front paw on the return stroke, scraping the tops of the two center claws.  You can hear the click... click... click as he walks on pavement, and the wear pattern on the top front of the two claws is obvious.

Although his claws are much tougher than Gwynnie's, they require very little trimming because he's such a rocket on the paved soccer playground, grinding them down.

I dont think he could have gotten them stuck or wedged anywhere.  I am taking Tucker to the vet tommorrow night to have his ears looked at, I will also have him check out his nails.
Baxter drags his right front paw too! The vet said she doesn't know why he does it.

Hi Natalie and Tucker!  We just experienced something similar.  Loo wears her front toes down too far to the point where the nail split and bled.  We were walking her primarily on concrete.  She never seemed in pain, but the bleeding did concern me.  We were suggested (by folks on here!) to try out the Soft Claws for dogs.  I had only seen them on cats before but we ordered them right away.  If you see our most recent pics we posted, there are a few where you can see her two front middle nails covered. 

One has fallen off already due to wear and tear but her nail underneath is growing back.  My hope is to alternate the caps with her real nails until they wear down then put the caps on.  I would suggest not putting too much glue in the cap if you go that route..we will probably have to order more glue already!

good luck and if you have any more questions, please ask! 

Okay, so the vet thinks the problem with Tuckers end nails is from them being too long, and too much stress was put on them.  His nails were pretty long when we rescued him, and probably should have had them cut right away but I wanted to make sure he was comfortable with us and not traumatize him.  I also wasnt sure how he would be about nail trimmings, now I feel bad that we didn't trim them sooner :(  The vet cut them for us, and Tucker was a good boy!! :)  Now we definitely are going to have to make sure we keep them cut.


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