Honestly, I knew that when I took on my mom's dog that there would be some squabble in the house but I wasn't expecting to such extent nor to such magnitude. Currently, I have my mom's dog because she's fat and needs to lose weight. So far she lost 3 pounds in one month and hopefully still losing some.

I've had Morningstar for almost two months now. I haven't changed the dynamics too much in the house other than bringing her into it. Cloud gets fed first, then Freya, and then Morningstar. After not realizing just how strong Freya's food protection was and I left a bag of unopened food and she fought Morningstar, I knew to put up everything no matter how small up that might involved food or holding food.

But she doesn't just attack because of food. Sometimes, they play and the next thing I know Freya has Morningstar by the neck and is shaking the living crap out of it. Initially, water was the way to break them up but since then it doesn't work. I actually have to grab Freya by the neck and hope she disengages. Morningstar isn't as agile unfortunately so she apparently can't fight as well as Freya seems too.

What can I do to stop this? Is there anything? Am I possibly doing something wrong? I've tried my best to maintain pack order and keep food away from all dogs--and yet it seems that I failed somewhere. Or do I just have a crazy dog? Will I have to worry about her when I have kids?

Also, Freya has known Morningstar all her life. She's been to Morningstar's house and played with her and Morningstar's sister. So I really don't understand what's going on.

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Freya is probably trying to put Morningstar in her place. We added my son's doberman last January and I had problems with Sparty attacking her. I put a leash on them to drag around and when the "stare" occurred I would grab the leash and give a firm no and a corrective tug. I also identified as many of the triggers as I could identify such as food and when the dobe would run in the house and took corrective measures. I changed where I stored the food so it was out of sight until feeding time and put their bowls down in the same order in different corners of the room. I pick up the bowls after they are done so there is no checking out each others. Also, I stopped the dobe from running in the house using the leash. If one of them would not give it up I tied the leash to me and the offender followed me around for a while. It worked and we have peace in the house.Sparty still just tolerates her but there is no fighting.
I definitely agree with Bev./ Try the leash! My Livvy doesn't fight over food but does prefer to eat in her crate! I feed 6 dogs at once and all in the same order with no fighting!


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