Hello.  For those of you that have read Stitch's Story, you know we fought a year long battle with cancer and lost him a few months ago.  It has been too quiet in the house and we REALLY love having smiling, bouncing corgis underfoot.

We adopted a boy and are having the hardest time naming him...would LOVE suggestions!!!

We are also getting his Mom, Emma in a few weeks...

I think Corgis are like potato chips..can't have just one!  :)

Let the naming begin....

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He is so precious!   I am sure you will come up with the perfect name for him.  You are also getting his mom, That is great, please post lots of pictures!

Thank you...he's very funny :)

He is adorable, I vote for Charley  :)



Chucky and I met this other male corgi when he was 5 months and they were both at the clinic to get neutered.  His name was Bishop and I thought that was a great name.

Scout, Toby, Norman, Chase, Tucker, Cooper...

He is the sweetest looking corgi!  He looks like a cuddly bear!  Good luck with him and his mama. I too, lost my last corgi to cancer at the age of 5.  I got Bailey 3 months later.  There is just something about corgis that we cannot resist!


I would say Lilo, even though it is a girl's name.


How about Pancake or Serri?

Muffin. Chewy... Argh! I have a hard time thinking of names when I haven't met the dog lol. I tend to go by their personality. A lot of corgis seem to be named after food. o_O

Do you like Welsh names? Have look through this list: http://www.welshboysnames.co.uk/

Dewy! Gwen!

I would vote for Dewy. If you even like it that is.

When I look at him, I think "Caleb". Also, we were considering either "Owen" or "Basil" if we got a male pup.


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