Have you ever seen a corgi on meth?  We made it through the night, but I have never seen so much poop come from a 23 pound dog.  She is absolutely crazy....very hyper, but not panting as much this morning.  Just hyper.  I'm trying to keep her calm to keep her heart rate at a reasonable level (which it is)...I stayed up with her all night, and am going to try to sleep a little now since the girls are home for Christmas break now, and my husband is home today.  Thank you all for the kind words, Beth's wisdom to keep me calm, and the prayers.  I really appreciate it!  I will update again later...

Well, I guess my family didn't learn anything from the lesson I gave about Teddy.  My brother-in-law sent us a big basket of chocolate for the holidays, and my family left it on the counter.  Sage got a box of Ghirardelli Dark and Raspberry 5.32 oz squares, and either she or Seanna ate all of them; along with a box of Dolcetto Natural wafer rolls 4.4 oz.  I called the Emergency Clinic, and it's too late to give them hydrogen peroxide to make them puke.  They said all they can do is supportive care, but the toxic level for Seanna is 2.5 oz, and I guarantee that as dominant as she is, she probably ate all of it.  They recommend just watching her here, and calling them back if she starts getting hyper, drinking a lot of water, etc.  They said I can bring her out, but I am looking at two-three days for it to clear, and a cost of over $1000.  I just don't get why my family can't listen to what I tell them to do.  I don't know what I will do if something happens to her....

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did they tell you to give her charcoal pills?  I did that with my last dog who ate a whole bag of nestle crunch bars.  they say it absorbs the toxin 

Where do you get them at?

Oh no Jennifer! Sending the most positive thoughts and prayers your and Seanna's way!

I am SO sorry.   How scary!   Please don't give charcoal unless the vet advised to;  it's only used for a few very specific toxins and not all toxins are treated the same way.

Please do read this:   http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/dogs-and-chocolate-get-the-facts

The 2.5 oz is for baking chocolate, which is pure chocolate, NOT for semi-sweet which is what the dark chocolate squares are.   

Am I to understand that the entire box weighed 5.32 oz?   If so, chances are she will be fine.  Remember, only part of that is chocolate and a lot is the raspberry filling.    The chocolate that usually kills dogs is bakers chocolate which is so bitter (I've tried it) that people can't eat it plain but dogs will.

It would take about 10 ounces of dark chocolate to be lethal to a 22 pound dog, and that's just the chocolate not the filling.     We had a little 16 pound dog when I was a kid that ate an entire one-pound giant filled Easter egg and she didn't even vomit.  

So do keep a very close eye, do call the vet if she has symptoms, but again chances are she will be fine or maybe get sick and need some care at the vet.  

Big hugs.

Beth, I so hope you are right.  It was the 5.32 oz box, but the ingredient says unsweetened chocolate.  Everything I'm looking up and what the vet said is that she is probably in the toxic dose.

Hi Jennifer.   Yes it's made with unsweetened chocolate, but also has sugar and fats and things.   Bitter chocolate (baking chocolate) is 100% cacao.    The strongest "dark chocolate" Ghiradelli has is 60% cacao.  So 60% of 5.25 oz would be 3 and a bit, BUT it's not all chocolate.  A lot of it is the raspberry filling.  If by weight about 50% is chocolate and 50% filling, then you have about 2.6 ounces of chocolate in the whole thing.  Then that is 60% cacao, which brings it down to about 1.5 ounces of cocoa/cacao whatever.  And honestly chances are the raspberry ones aren't even 60%--- that's a specialty bar they make.

To give a different perspective, just 4 oz of bakers chocolate is used to make an entire batch of chocolate brownies.  I think a lot of people have not seen baker's chocolate, but my mom let me try it once when I was little and insisted and it's TERRIBLE.   Inedible.   No candy uses baker's chocolate.  It's all mixed with something and 60% is typically the highest percentage. 

So sorry to hear this.  Will pray for them. 


I would call the vet and check about the charcoal...it is used for some drug overdoses but might be hard to give her and then I believe(it's been a long time since I worked in the Psych ward) the charcoal will absorb the contents and then they throw it up(?). Not sure what the time frame would be! I believe maybe you could find it at a pharmacy. Good luck Jen...we're praying for you all:)

The vet said that he wouldn't recommend doing the charcoal because it has a lot of sodium in it, and he would want her monitored, but that he wouldn't probably give it anyway.  I'm reading a ton of stuff that says to give it.  But the dose is astronomical.  I've got charcoal tablets that have 260mg charcoal in each tablet.  The dose is 1-3grams/kg per kg of body weight.  She'd need 10 grams.  That's 38 pills minimum.  I'm not comfortable giving her that much.  3 pills yes, but not that many.  I am so upset right now...

Hey Jennifer, I know you must be beside yourself.  I hope everything turns out OK. 

Oh, that is very scary!   I don't know if it will make you feel any better but we had a yellow lab who ate 2 pounds (!) of See's chocolates and he never even got sick.  Someone left it in a bag on our porch, but because there were other things in the bag we didn't even realize that there had been any chocolate (until I found some wrappers around the yard a couple days later).  Granted he was a much bigger dog - but 2 lbs of chocolate is an awful lot of chocolate. 

As Beth pointed out I bet the rasberry filling contributes quite a bit to the weight of the Ghiradelli's, so hopefully the actual amount of chocolate is much less...  Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

Sugar is the 1st (main) ingredient and I would guess that this would be quite a bit with unsweetened chocolate...so it's not totally or only the unsweetened chocolate!!!!!


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