Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be bringing home my first corgi the first weekend of march! Next weekend we will be picking her out!!!:) I am a veterinary assistant and picked the breed because of their outgoing personalities. Everyone else at work seems to be against it :( she will be a pembroke. I would appreciate any experience. I may work with animals every day but have never lived with a corgi. I've done lots of research though. I'm very excited!!

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As long as you have done your research I wouldn't worry about your co workers thoughts.  Corgis are very smart and will want to be in charge if you let them. Be ready to spend time training, socializing in all types of situations


I agree, as long as you've done your research I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks.  If after doing the research and learning about their intelligence, wanting to be in charge and all their other wonderful traits you feel that a corgi is right for you then that's all that matters.  The breeder should be able to give you some idea on how their personality will go...willing to charge into everything or maybe a bit more laid back.  They all have common traits but each dog is different and how you raise, train and socialize her also makes a difference.

I am very happy for your and your new little girl.  We will definitely need to see pics and hear all about her.

Thank you so much for your replies!! I get to finally meet her this coming saturday!!

As Linda says, there are common breed traits, but each dog's personality is a unique combination of his own temperament and how he/she is raised.  My Cardigan is an easy dog, he does not want to be in charge of anything, loves everyone and is ever so gentle playing with our Miniature Dachshund, who pesters him! Don't worry about what other people say or think.  Do the right things with your pup and you will have a great companion and lots of fun too.  A good breeder can help you find a pup that suits your personality and living situation. The rest is up to you.

Anna is right about a good breeder helping you find the right pup to suit your lifestyle.  We have had 3 from the same breeder and the last one she called us first because she knew Brady was perfect for our lifestyle.  Be honest with the breeder in what you are looking for...a pup to hike with, do agility or a laid back kind pup and yes, there are laid back corgis.  I've had 3 from the same breeder because she knows that is our lifestyle being older and me with back issues.

I think corgis often are pretty opinionated about their personal space. After all they were bred for hundreds of years to have enough confidence to keep the garden clear of pests and tell thousand lb cows where to go. This makes them a dog that need clear, kind leadership and training. I would imagine that vets often see some that are difficult. Think strongly about classes and check out videos such as Zak George on utube so you will be prepared. They are awesome, happy family members that shed profusely and provide many fun moments. Enjoy!

Lots of vets don't particularly love Corgis because they are often funny about being restrained and so don't always do well on the exam table.   That is not indicative of how they are outside the vet's office.   Jack is a bit of a nightmare at the vet but loves every person and every dog he meets.   If you want a bright, funny, outgoing dog with a lot of opinions and a modestly high energy level then you are probably looking in the right spot.  With Corgis it helps to have a sense of humor!

I wrote this piece and a lot of people find it helpful.



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