After losing our girl Dee Dee on November 3, 2012, my husband and I were devastated.  But we knew we needed to get another dog since both are so totally dog people, and I (espcially) missed the companionship.  We have decided that the second dog will definitely be a rescue, and so we visited Sacramento SPCA when we felt we might be ready. 


Sacramento SPCA has a program called "Pet Request" where you pay $50 for 90-days, and they will look for a dog of your preference.  You just need to fill out a form on what kind of breed (mix) and temperment you are looking for.  You can specify the age and size you prefer as well.  Although we included Corgi as one of about 8 breeds we were interested in, we didn't expct any Corgis to come in to the shelter. 


We wanted to get something a bit smaller than Dee Dee so it would be easiter to travel.   When we first visited there, we were shown a Terrier mix who was very cute and cuddely.  So we put her on hold, but she got kennel cough, and was not allowed to be released for at least a week.  My husband asked the staff if they had a Corgi, and to our surprise, the answer was yes.  But she said that there are 3 holds already, and the dog was also sick with kennel cough, so she didn't bring her out. 


We went to visit the Terrier mix again in a week.  She was still sick.  We asked about the Corgi, and she said now there are only 2 holds, and she asked if we wanted to be placed on the 3rd hold.  We wanted to see the Corgi first, but we said yes anyway.  A few minutes later, she brought in the Corgi.  When I saw this Corgi walk up to the interaction area, my heart tingled.  Part of us didn't want to get a Corgi because it would remind us so much of Dee Dee, and we thought it would hurt too much.  But it was the opposite.  I just couldn't help smiling at this shorty dog.  She was a bit shy, but her ears were pulled back, and her stubby tail (and her butt) were shaking like crazy!  She is 6 years old, and a bit older than we originally planned (1-3 yrs old), but heck, she was so cute, and a Corgi!!


We were sold.  We became the 3rd hold for this Corgi, and we left the shelter.  A few days later, SPCA called, and said that first two holds dropped, so now, we are the first hold on this Corgi!  We said we will be there to take her home!!  


Her pervious owner did not walk her.  She is not leash trained, and her paws were still pink and soft!  6 years old, and do not know how to walk on leash?!  I understand if she was a stray, but she was owned by someone for 6 years!!  That's changing now.  We walk her a lot, and her paws are now getting a bit hard and darker.  The owner surrender paper said she was left alone up to 10 hours a day, but had an access to a doggy door.  She may have had an access, but I don't think she'd ever used a doggy door.  The paper also said if you left her alone for long, she would have an accident.  Maybe she didn't use the doggy door, so she had an accident inside the house?  We tried to teach her how to use our doggy door (between hallway and bathroom), but she was too scared of the flaps.  Previous owner supposedly was getting old and couldn't care for her any more.  Well, good!  Now, we get to have her!  She's a bit chunky but she is not as food crazy as Dee Dee, so she must be chunky just because of lack of exercise!  We hope to get her trimmed down soon.  :)  I don't think she was left alone for 10 hours... she seems to have some sort of anxiety (separation anxiety) when we leave.  She's now in crate when we leave her at home, but she seems to dig when we leave.  She sleeps at night in crate now, but she doesn't dig when we are home.  Hmmmm.  Another lie by previous owner?? 


Her tail.  It waggs so much.  We sometimes call her motor butt becuase her stub seems to swing around along with her butt when she shakes.  


We were so lucky that a Corgi was at Sacramento SPCA at the perfect timing.  Maybe Dee Dee helped out and showed us (and Brandy) a way.  Maybe, maybe not, but we are happy to have this new addition to our family.     




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She looks so happy to have a real home!

Sounds like DeeDee was watching out for all of you!   What a nice Xmas gift.   Look at that face!    Oh my goodness... I'm glad I didn't see her online or I would have been tempted to try and get her ;->     I've been taking our neighbor's Cardigan to the beach with Chewey regularly and I get such a big kick out of the two of them together that I think my other half is starting to worry about coming home to another corgi soon....   Congratulations, I'm so happy for you all!

She is so beautiful :) I am so happy that you guys got her! It really does sound like DeeDee helped guide you guys. I didn't much believe in that kind of stuff until after Skiski passed away and it occured to me that Ziggy had come into our lives three months to the hour before Skittles' being put down.

I am so happy for you all. I know I'm kinda repeating myself but looking at her pictures.. Just brings a great deal of warmth to my heart :D <3

Oh my goodness it was so meant to be! I saw her at the shelter a while back and knew she'd get snatched up right away! So glad you guys ended up with her! Perfect!!! :-D

she looks so adorable!!! and she's lucky to have found people like you two.

Such a lucky girl.... and beautiful to boot.

Aww, congratulations on your new addition!  She looks like such a great little girl and it's so wonderful that you were able to find one another at such an important time.  :)

Congrats on your new addition, shes beautiful!!! So glad she has a loving home like she deserves!! 

Lucky girl! She has a great smile and I hope she brings you lots of love.

CONGRATULATIONS!!  She is so pretty, and so lucky that you guys adopted her!!  It was meant to be.....

When we first got Jackson, he was petrified of the dog door.  We just kept working with him (there's a video of one of the first times he went through it on my website) and pretty soon he was zooming through like it was no big deal.  He'll come running full speed, and not even slow down when he goes through--he comes through like he's superman--legs all stretched out....we need to get him a cape!

Awwwww, a new home for Christmas...congrats to you all:) She looks so content!

Congrats!!!! Brandy is adorable!! :)


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