Not excited to see us...My husband and I appear to be the only two in Shasta's world that she doesn't greet with a smile and a butt wiggle. We're beginning to feel like prison guards.

I swear, she looks at us like she is saying "oh, it is you again." Granted she is only 4 month old and we are in the constant state of training. However, she is loved to death with lots of toys, treats, hugs and cuddles. We're wondering if it is just a bonding thing. She is a very assertive pup.

Thoughts, comments, similar experiences anyone? Please share. Thanks!

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Some dogs are just aloof. I have one who is like that with everyone. At four months, she is still very much a baby and you should let her continue to mature and find her way. It will take her time to come into her own and feel totally established within the family. She'll come around to it!

Remember, though, that you cannot buy love. Especially not with treats - corgis will put on weight very quickly and they WILL abuse their awfully cute stare to bug you into giving them more. You don't want to put on too much excess weight on any dog, but for the long-backed, dwarfed corgi, it can be particularly bad. Keep her nice and on the slimmer side during this critical period of growth. :-)

Thank you for your reply. 

Ah yes, we are very cautious with her treats. Treats/kibbles are used for training and meals are adjusted accordingly. Per our vet, she is the perfect size.

She is very assertive and independent and, you are right, she is trying to find her way in this world where everything is new to her. We just hate to see those that little sweet face look at us like we're wrecking all her fun. We also used to cats that of which we have two. Two that, interestingly enough, find Shasta very interesting and gamely tolerant her mischievous.


She is very young  at this point and will change a lot in the next few months. Just make sure when you come home that she is not always in trouble for something she did while you were gone. That will set a pattern that you do not want. Never use her name when scolding her. Some dogs are big greeters and some are not. Often too much excitement at seeing you will cause more problems so enjoy this more relaxed greeting. Classes when she is a little older will help with bonding.

Seanna is really aloof to with us. She's never been one to seek out attention. I try to set aside time every day for just her and I to do something fun. We play ball, chase each other, or go for a long walk (usually in a safe place so she can be off leash). It seems to help her bond, and she figures out I'm not so bad after all.

I know what I am about to say is full of generilzations but both females that we have had were very aloof when we got home and both males have been extremely excited....YEAH YEAH YEAH they are home lets bark, jump act crazy.....our peeps are home kinda crazy.  All while their respective female counterparts lay/layed on the sofa with a look of compete disgust on their face, something like...."I can not believe they fall for that junk".  LOL 

We also try to spend "special time" with our girl.  She is not much of a player, she likes to walk and be petted and loved on while sitting in our laps....I know she is spoiled..... so we attempt to give her some singular attention.


I think that our females believe that they are/were the queens to be deferred to.  ^-^ 

Jack doesn't even always get off the couch when we get home. With everyone out in the world he is SO happy to see them. We call him "The Mayor" because he loves to gladhand but at home he's a bit overbearing. :-)

It doesn't mean she doesn't love you, but you are predictable and she's comfortable so she doesn't feel the need for an elaborate greeting ritual. Our Maddie, on other hand, is waiting by the door and shakes her whole backside at us and could not care less about strangers. They are all different.

Chewey's regular thing is to look at me and then run out back through his doggie door when I get home...   Talk about not feeling loved, at least your dog doesn't run in the opposite direction  ;->    Yet there's any number of other things he'll do that show otherwise -  he follows me from room to room (staying well within easy petting distance), or if we're at the dog park or beach he seems to make sure he knows where we both are, etc.  So I've just written it off as one of his many quirks.  Plus, as  a number of other people have already pointed out she is just a puppy...

How are you saying hello to your little girl when you get home?

I'm am dealing with something similar with my dog, Loki. He's 14 weeks old. (Got him at 8 weeks.)  I had read about separation anxiety, and decided I definitely didn't want a dog that had issues with that, so every time I'd come home from work or going out, me and my fiance would completely ignore him when we got home. Loki got really good at ignoring us right back! It broke my heart to see how exuberantly he would greet anybody besides us to our home. When I read somewhere else on this site that Corgis aren't very prone to separation anxiety, I decided to take some action.

Now when I come home, I sing a little cutesy song to him, BUT still go about my business as usual. When I finally permit him to say hello to me, he showers me in smooches and wags his little nub. It doesn't last NEARLY as long as it does with strangers, but at least it's something! Perhaps you could try a similar approach?

Tracy, you have a point: when Jack was a pup I always ignored him when I'd come home. I'd come in, he'd be in his pen waggling at me and I'd put my things away, get the mail, then come and get him and take him out and THEN greet him.

I have found that he is eager to greet the SECOND person who comes home, be it my husband or myself. He runs and gets toys and his eyes gleam and we have a game.

Finally now at five years old he frequently will come up to me when he first sees me after an absense (the morning or when I come home from work) and puts his muzzle between my legs and I give him scratches.


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