I don't know if anyone else has noticed how in tune to certain sounds your pups are, but I have found it interesting how my pups can distinguish sounds. We have a parrot that I cut fresh fruits and veggies for each day which consists of jicama, jalapeño, turnip, apple, snap peas bell pepper and blueberries. When preparing her food, I always cut apple pieces for my pups. I can be cutting all of the other veggies, but only when I start cutting the apple do they come running and waiting patiently for me to put it in their bowls. The same goes for opening a bag of baby carrots or peeling a banana. It doesn't matter in what order I cut, or what other bags I open, they always can distinguish the different sounds. To me, the sound of cutting, for example, a jicama does not sound any different to the sound of cutting an apple. I just find their ability to distinguish sound amazing!

Are there any things that you have observed in your dog that you find interesting?

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I keep my cheese in a zip-lock bag and the minute they hear the bag...they come running.

Jane...mine do the same thing!  They also can tell if I am cutting up apples like Karen's.

Linda...its such an easy "treat". My stubborn Aussie won't come in unless I call "cheese" and then he slowely finds his way...silly boy!

Jane...that it is and it's also the easiest way to get a pill into them.

I've noticed something similar. I'm sure smell has to be part of it as well in this case. Both senses--and uncanny memory--are highly developed. Lucy amazes me all the time.


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