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Was curious as to what everyone's opinion is on applying flea and tick prevention (Frontline, K9 Advantix, etc.) year round.  Living in Massachusetts should I continue the application in the winter months? I know fleas can still be contracted, but I also have read on the disclaimer from name brand products that their products last up to 3 months. I have heard varying opinions from using flea / tick products year round to all but the winter months. What does everyone think? I appreciate the input in advance. 

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I use Advantix. Anecdotally, I've heard of dogs on Frontline getting ticks. My father hunts his Chessie and is in the woods several times a week. He uses Advantix and has only ever seen one tick and it was dead already; the dog is about 7 years old. She tests negative for Lyme. My aunt's Jack Russell is in a similar environment, was on Frontline and got ticks and tests positive for Lyme.

I use it year-round due to fear of ticks. My vet recommends summer-only (well, from last frost to first frost) for "city" dogs, and all-year for dogs who frequent woody or shrubby areas, which mine do. I've heard of dogs picking up ticks at times of the year when you'd think they'd all be dead.

If I just worried about fleas, I would only use it as-needed and not even each month. We live in a Lyme disease hot-spot, though, so ticks are my bigger concern. You'll hear many different opinions and I don't know there is one "right" answer. Good luck with your decision!
We had such a hard time with Frontline for our cats.  It used to keep ticks away, but they changed something and suddenly it didn't work anymore.  To be fair, the ticks never bit our cat.  They just fell out in my bed, hungry and looking for blood, instead.  :|  I think they are on Revolution now, or alternating between the two for some reason.  Our cat's vet is kind of bad...
Thank you for your advice, Beth. You're totally right, I don't believe there is right or wrong answer to this question. I'm just curious to see how everyone else feels. We currently have been using Frontline Plus with good results. He's with us on the trails hiking or running around in the fields quite often and even though we use the product, we check him over anyways. We do find he has DEAD ticks on him from time to time but only one had attempted to bite him before he was found dead when we got home.

I know the biggest difference between Frontline and Advantix is that Advantix repels flies and mosquitoes while Frontline does not. It's just a preference I guess in addition to the area you reside in where that may be a bigger problem. Contracting Lyme disease unfortunately can't be 100% preventable in that not every tick carries it and unfortunate luck. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt's jack russell but I'm sure he's under good care. If I must add information to this question our pup has had the Lyme vaccine.

We live in a more rural area of Massachusetts where the disease is also a hot spot like yourself. Our breeder, who both owns and lives on a small farm recommends that we use the product all year except the winter months. Therefore, I'm just curious because their environment is similar to ours.

Thank you again for your input, I appreciate it.
I live in Mass also (although more suburban than rural) and only use frontline starting in March (when I start to see ticks appearing on the dogs) until frost (usually November). Even with frontline on, we still get ticks on the dogs, although they usually are just walking around and not attached at all. So even with the repellant on, I still like to give nightly "tick checks" just in case. i haven't been too worried about fleas in the winter, and (knock on wood) haven't had any problems with them when the dogs aren't actively being treated with frontline.
Here's a pretty interesting article on Flea & Tick prevention, written by Dr. Karen Becker (www.mercola.com):

We switched to comfortis tablets about 3 monhts ago and it's working quite well. Since they play and wrestle and the puppy licks everyone, i was concerned about using the topical med and so decided to try the pills.

I still use advantix on the cats. No problems with ticks or fleas for my guys here in buggy Texas...I do treat them all year round
We live in Massachusetts too, in Cambridge, with periodic excursions in less paved places. You'd be surprised how many ticks you get in the city! We give Edison Frontline on a monthly basis, and have only ever found dead ticks as a result. Also, I'd recommend using Frontline continuously, unless there is actually snow on the ground. We've found ticks on ourselves (there are days when I want to use Frontline myself :D) as early as March and as late as November.
Is it safe to apply frontline plus on my corgi on a monthly basis?
No side effects?
Hi Stephanie, every option have side effects, some more pronounced than others. check out this previous discussion. My personal preference is: unless you live an active outdoor lifestyle / travel frequently, you want to give flea rx on a need to basis only. Flea is easy to manage, tick is catch 22 in my opinion.

We live in a rather humid country, its like summer all year round here so tick is a problem.

I never understood why some dogs get it and some don't.

My local vet advised me to apply monthly as a precaution :(

Hi Stephanie, half of my clan from SG :)  


Non-chemical control is fine lah, keep him away from tall grassy area lor, check him from head to toe mah, learn how to ID and remove ticks carefully leh.

Lol My cousin brought his Goldie to a dog run and his whole yard and dog is infested with ticks that's why I'm afraid. 
I check him everyday (though he is currently on frontline plus) just wondering if I should discontinue. 
There are people here who feed their dogs garlic saying it's a natural way of countering tick bites. 
Wonder how true that is 


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