Organix Butcher & Bushell canned food full of bone fragments!

I opened a can of Organix Butcher & Bushell food today and found numerous small and large chicken bone fragments.  I've emailed the company photos and the lot number of the can.  It might take a while to get a recall going, so here's a picture of the can and the can's lot number so y'all can be on the look out.  Check this brand of food for bones before serving it to your dog!  Some of the fragments were very small and hard to see.

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Wow, that's pretty bad! Thanks for the warning.

Awful. Serious choking hazard there. Glad your pup is safe. Just goes to show how unsafe & questionable pet food can be, no matter the price. :(

Wow!  Those are some pretty big bones!  Definite choking hazard.

I was making her chicken and veggies in the crock pot to supplement her dry food, and maybe I should go back to doing that.  With how much I've been traveling, buying cans was much easier.  However, yeah, I don't buy "good, expensive" dog food to have to pick the bones out of it!

thats awful!! :(

Wow, do they even check their food before they can that stuff?! Yeesh, good thing you didn't serve it to your dog. Definite choking hazard! Hopefully a recall will start soon.

From Castor & Pollux:

I want to reassure you that the chicken bones in this product are purposely placed in there for a reason.  The reason for this process is to provide the full flavor your dog loves. 

If you will notice, there is a note from the chef on the back of each of these cans that states: “Our slow cooked, whole chicken thigh offer marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone.  This special cooking process makes the bone soft and safe for your dog to enjoy.”

We hand pack each can and then the food is pressure cooked inside the can.  This process is what softens the bones.  For your comfort level, we would like to suggest that you try mashing the bones with the prongs of a fork, or your fingers to see how soft they are, and how easily they fall apart.

Yeah...some of those bones were pretty large and they still seemed like a choking hazard to me, especially for fast eaters.  They did break when I applied about the same pressed as a bit with my fingers, however, large fragments the size of my baby finger are a little unnerving.  I'd recommend not buying this variety of the Organix canned food line.

Yeah.....I don't think chicken bones are a good thing cooked or not.  But at least you got a response.


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