While on our weekly visit to the dog park yesterday, I met a  a lady who owns 2 cardis. Which was awesome, but she said something that kinda surprised me. She told me Pembroke's have some what of a personality change at around 10 months of age. I told her Harrison was very calm, and a sweetheart. Never really barks unless excited. He's a little stubborn but in his own way, like sitting/laying down in a middle of a walk. She said all that was gonna change. I'm not exacting sure what she meant, more barking, more stubborn? Was she over exaggerating or is this true?  This is my first corgi, and I have done all the research I possibly could. But I've never heard this before so I would love some feedback.      

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I have heard this before too. People all have their own experiences with one or two dogs and then SWEAR EVERY SINGLE dog will have that exact same issue. I do have to say Franklin did start barking more as he got older and it was when he was around 1 1/2. He never used to be a barker unless he was playing, other things changed in his environment around that time too though, we moved to a new house and he became the only dog, so maybe it was more he felt he needed to defend the house now that the other dog (who was a big barker) wasn't around to do it. One of my co-workers had a corgi who randomly turned incredibly vicious and would attack her and not stop, so now she is convinced all corgis have a switch and will turn on their owners without warning......as we know that is SO not true, but people have their experiences and then base all their opinions on that one experience.

Pembroke's are sometimes known to be a bit more ... exaggerated or high maintenance than Cardigans so maybe she was just being snooty:)  He may be a bit more stubborn for a little while I think it is just their teenage phase:)  But if you keep training and walking him he will grow into a wonderful adult dog.

I love to go to the large annual dog show here in town and have been doing it for over ten years. I always watch both Cardigans and Pembrokes and talk to the handlers about their dogs. So far it appears to me that Pems are naturally more outgoing and Cardigans a little more laid back. I think all breeds of dogs experience a few changes from one year to three. It is part of their maturing. However, the unexperienced dog owner frequently does not recognize when a bad habit is developing. That is why I always recommend taking some obedience classes with your pup. With my own corgis (all pems) I have seen a wide range in attitude with one that always tries to take charge, one that was fearful and one that is laid back and friendly. I don't believe there is any magic switching time when they change. Just keep in mind that this is a working breed and they need direction. The lady you talked to probably was referring to the adolescent time period when your puppy may challenge you a little more but all dogs go through a similar time including Cardis.

Henry started barking more as he got older but that's about it, his personality did not change.

My Zander is only 6months, I do see his independent steak but corgis are what I am used to so  I know how to handle it. Our corgi we had before Zander (Kharma)  actually barked less as she got older.  So I think it is just individual.  Also how you train.  I would never say that a dogs personality will just change at 10 months or any age for that matter. That is just rude and not true at all.

Thanks everyone for your input. Harrison's trainer had already warned me that he would be going into his adolescent stage soon (he just turned 6 months), but the way the lady was talking about it kinda freaked me out. I over heard another lady complimenting  on how well Harrison listened and played with the other dogs, and the first lady (the one that freaked me out) quickly stopped her and said, "well you know that's all gonna change".    

 Oh well. I guess at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :) 

Well, that's like saying that all people have a personality change somewhere around 20.   :-)  

Dogs change from puppyhood to adulthood, just like every other social animal does.  There is nothing peculiar about Pems. Most puppies are submissive or at least very tolerant with other dogs.   Jack would put up with anything from another dog until he was around 2 or so.  He is still fabulous with other dogs, but he will appropriately correct other dogs (especially adolescents) who are rude.   That's not a personality change, it's maturation.  

The other thing is that you don't frequently see territorial barking in puppies.   That tends to start up anywhere from six months old up to a couple years old,  depending on the dog.  Not all dogs bark territorially, but very few do as pups and many more do as adults.

But again, that is not a personality change. 


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