this weekend i had to run to petco to get teddy his food. when i got there i realized they were doing portraits! how could i pass this up? i consider it an early birthday present for teddy ;) what do u think of them? i know they are not perfect but i still think they were cute and they were so much fun to do. even though there was a line up he gave us individual attention so we could get some great photos. i just had to share :)

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Thank u! :)

no problem, im glad u enjoyed them :))

Awh they're so cute:)

I love your hair color, by the way xD

The first time I saw a picture of someone holding a corgi, I about killed over! They're really are a big dog with midget legs xD

awww! thank you so much! =D 

oh, i know what u mean! those legs sure throw u off LOL

You all look great, thanks for sharing with us.


Thank u so much, Im glad u liked them :)

The photos turned out great!!  I love the one of him standing on his hind legs and their is food in the dog dish, impressive he didn't want to gobble it up before his trick, lol.  :) 

Thank u. Lol he actually did try at first! It took some coaxing to get hime to leave the bowl alone haha

Very cute pics!

I love 2,3,5,7,8. And I love love the last one. Lol, okay. I loved them all. They are great pictures!

Fab pics!  Especially love the ones with the three of you together. I'm going to have to check my local Petco to see if they do portraits too.


Oh the portraits are absolutely darling. and Thanks  to your military guy for his service to our country...


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