I just saw a video on youtube and a bell went off in my head! I realized why I like corgis. I grew up with bunnys and guinea pigs LOL haha! We also had dogs and cats and birds, we raised parrakeets and I sold them on the street corner ( a simpler time) but I cant remember a time we didnt have guinea pigs running around. We also had them as my children grew up too. What pets did you all have growing up that may have influenced your decision to get a corgi?

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We had tons of pets.  We always had dogs, mostly various hunting dogs.  My dad had pointers and then a springer spaniel.  My grandfather had beagles in the yard (though in those days, nearly everyone seemed to have beagles in the yard...).    We had gerbils, salamanders (we would catch one or two in the spring and put them in a terrarium, then let them loose where we found them in the late summer so they had time to hibernate.  They all survived too, except for one that got loose in the house and was never found).  We had parakeets and then finches.  We had bunnies.  I had a turtle once, which I now regret because it died in a short amount of time; they are not good pets but they were popular at the time.  


When I got older, we had a lab and a couple of cats, both foundlings.


My aunt had horses (still does) and a goat.  


God bless my mother.  She's not a huge animal person, but we always had a house full of them, mainly because of me! I think the parakeet was the only pet we ever had that was really hers. 

All sorts of pets! My parents exposed us to the normal things and even dabbled in more exotic pets. We've had lots of dogs, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. The salt water tank was one of my favorite fish set-ups, and I really enjoyed the chameleons they had for a time. I'm really fond of rats because of their intelligence and affection.
I chose a corgi for my first dog because I was looking for a dog that was
A) Smallish, that could fit into our current, tiny home, and any future apartments I may live in.
B) Intelligent, with a big personality, but with some independence.
C) Good in all weathers, active, playful.
When I was just a kid (under 10) we had a kennel and bred St. Bernards.  So needless to say, I really do not like St. Bernards.  I did have a Skye terrier named Raisin.  We were best friends.  I noticed corgis for the first time because some of our dog show friends had some.  So cute.  Never thought of it again until my mom started to talk about getting my daughter a dog.  So happy to have Twinkie.  She just might be the complete opposite of a St. Bernard!

i had Guinea pigs too!! i use to raise them and breed them!:) so nice to hear that other people had them lol they make such wonderful pets. i have ALWAYS been a huge animal lover and they guinea pigs came to be at our house because my dad had a lab who had mental problem to where he hates everyone but my dad(i know strange) so i wanted a pet of my own. at the store they mixed up the males and females so we got one of each and we had lots of little babies:) at one time we had 14 of them. it was so fun. in my eyes a pet isnt just a pet, heres a good example and this is 100%true. i bought a rabbit leash and we have a cabin up north and its on a lake. i use to leash up the hogs(thats what i call them) :P and i would walk them on the beach! they even swam in the lake! they had a good 7/8years. i believe they were so happy they out lived the stander ed 4/5 years.


we also had 5bunnies who i did the same as the hogs. we also had cats named skippy and sunny, he is a big guy! and both were super friendly and lovable. we also had another dog. a German Shepard/lab mix. he was my buddy as he would stand guard as we played, super friendly dog with a big personality.  


i use to even wander the yard to see if there was any hurt animals and try and nurse them to health. this one time a saved a baby crackle, he lived for 6months and his name was jeffery. he was so cool! i could let him out of his little bird cage and he would fly and land on your shoulder and fall asleep. i gave him tons of opportunities to leave but he wouldnt. he would fallow me all around. he was super smart and i was so sad when he died all of a sudden


that being said when i was little i would see these cute little dogs on tv and not know what they were but i loved there smile and just how cute they were. i first encountered a corgi when i went to a car dealer and there was a small female just standing there. i got super excited and squealed as i petted a corgi for the first time lol when i shown my husband how small and big personality they had he fell in love because being in the military its easier to have smaller dogs that big ones so perfect match! and when i got married i was on the search to find out more of these wonderful dogs and i am happy i did because thats how teddy is here :)    

I had all the normal pets- hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, parakeets and a German Shepard. When I was in High school I got my first horse, an appaloosa. I also had a pet skunk that was de-scented for a few years. That was fun! I had a friend with a corgi way back in high school and I never forgot about that dog.

I grew up with a Corgi!  That is by far, the pet that most heavily influenced my decision to get a Corgi of my own.  Growing up, we always had one indoor pet dog.  Only one at a time.  First 2 were dachshunds, 3rd was a red and white female Corgi.  Since growing up and leaving the nest, my parents are now on dachshund #4. That makes a total of 5 family dogs in my 42 years!  Not real long life spans for any of them...As I recall, all of the dachshunds had back problems by the end of their lives.  I don't even recall what the end of life was like for our Corgi - I was married and out of the house by then.  The only other pets we had were rats and I had a mouse once and we had fish (I still don't consider them "pets", ha ha!).  When it was time to get a dog of my own, my first choice was a Corgi.  We ended up getting a German Shepherd, who turned out to be an outdoor dog.  An outdoor German Shepherd is what my husband had growing up.  His family had other dogs, too, several different breeds and sizes, some inside, some outside, but the outdoor German Shepherd was his "dream" dog.  When she passed this summer at 10, our house and yard were so empty without her.  That's where Isabella comes in...As much as I miss our German Shepherd, I'm so happy to have my indoor Corgi dream dog!

Grew up on a farm and my dad is an avid rescuer. We always had rescue GSD so my first two dogs as an adult were also GSD rescues. Tons of "barn cats" which were very good mousers. We also had the odds and ends of "drop off" dogs that my dad would take in.


Those of you who live in rural areas know this sad tale to be true, but people from the city will take their unwanted pets and just dump them in the country. Either they don't want to pay to drop them at the shelter, figure they are going to be able to make it on their own in the "wild" (never understood that one, makes me want to take them and drop them off in the woods and say, "Hey, our forefathers made their way in the wilds, so can you!" meh.) or they just figure some kind hearted farmer would take them in. Which the later was always the case with my family. LOL


Drop offs included a Husky mix, tons of Labs and Lab mixes, Border Collies and Golden mixes. Currently my dad has a Great Pyrenes which he got after I moved away so I guess I can't really count that one. lol


Currently in my household resides two cats, one shepard mix and, of course, the corgi. :)

We always had cats in the house and my dad raised and did field trails with beagles. I loved growing up with lots of beagle puppies to play with! They were serious hunting dogs (if you know beagles you know they are not very serious) so my attempts to bring them in the house and dress and feed them were met with a lot of resistance from my dad. When I grew up and got my first real job I bought a horse (always wanted one). I also had cats usually Siamese and a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle . We also had various hamsters, gerbils, and birds while my kids were growing up until I banned "prey" animals. Searching for escaped critters before school became too much hassle. The cats were very efficent at keeping the house rodent free! We went 2 years without a dog but when I realized our youngest was going out of town for college I decided I needed a project and that turned out to be Sparty. He is incredibly smart, quirky and pushy and is responsible for us falling in love with the breed. We now have two rescued cats, a doberman and Sparty and Izzy. I wou;ld love more but my husband wisely says no.
Cats, and a few more cats.  Did I mention I had cats?  :)  Never more than two at a time though - until I met my husband who had two plus my one.  But, cats don't remind me at all of Corgis.  We also had dogs, but my favorite (by a mile) was my grandmother's German Shepherd mix, Christy.  I have always wanted a GSD, but they're just too big and we needed a smaller dog to go with the cats and kids.  When we discovered Corgis, imagine my delight in finding my "German Shepherd", but on stubby legs!
I have to laugh about your "German Shepherd" on stubby legs comment!  I've always thought of Corgis as red and white.  I kind of knew in the back of my mind that there were tri-colored corgis but never gave it much thought until it was time for us to get Isabella.  I think her coloring drew us in, too, because it is so similar to our German Shepherd's.  She almost looks like a miniature version of what we had.  On another note, our cat has the same coloring, too!  It's kind of funny/cute that they match...
Ha, I didn't see that you had a GSD before.  I think the Cardigan's head looks more like the GSD's than most Pems' do.  The coats are similar (in texture and length - and sometimes color).  We had to think long and hard about Jon's fluff coat - because he's kinda GSD/Collie on stubby legs, but in the end, it didn't matter and now we have two pretty awesome corgis!
It is interesting to see everyones thought process,  Mine was, I am not a big dog person I didn't want a dog that could wack you with its tail, I wanted a small dog but not one with a little dog attitude.  And a bonus was she can't sniff your crouch all the time haha  I also wanted a dog that would make me walk and WOW I never dreamed that I would HAVE to walk her every day or she would drive me nuts, but I love it:) and the icing on the cake (for me)  they come in fluffy!!!  I have always liked long haired dogs,  Oh I forgot when I was very young my Grandma had a collie mix (another influence)  she was one of the first things I can remember drawing (I know it was before I started school)  Great stories everybody.


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