After 3 months of waiting on corgi waiting lists, I got the call to come look at a litter last weekend. I was so excited! The woman who called me is a very reputable breeder who has shown dogs for over 30 years, and corgis for 15-20. There are videos of her showing he corgis on YouTube, and she is a long-standing member of the PWCCA.  She does extensive health clearances of the parents (CERF, eyes, DM), and also has the puppies eyes checked by a vet before they leave for their new homes.

I am looking for a real cuddlebug, and there were 2 females in particular that she thought would be a good fit for me.  I fell head over heels for one of them.  All puppies are cute, but there was something about this female that just tugged at my heart.  However, when I got home and looked at her pictures, I noticed that her left eye (the one on the right in the pictures) seems to have a lot of white in it on one side.  It's almost as if it's wandering or something?  I didn't notice this in person, but I did in the pictures, which I'm attaching here.  I have read so many tales of woe on here that I want to be careful.  But I also don't want to be too OVERLY cautious and scare myself out of what might just be a minor cosmetic flaw in a really terrific dog.  I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg and have health issues later that I could have avoided had I been a little more careful.

Have you guys seen this before?  Is this cause for concern?  Is this something she might grow out of? Am I obsessing over nothing??  Help!!

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My female's eye is just like that. It's more noticeable in pictures. I don't think there is anything wrong with her eyes nor has it ever made me question whether there was something wrong with her. I just assumed that eye was a little lazy. I wouldn't worry over it, unless you notice her eye actually wandering around or the whites of her eyes become more noticeable. If you have any doubts, speak with the breeders. I'm sure she has seen this a few times with her pups and may be able to help you feel more at ease.

I am so glad to hear that someone else has a corg with this issue as well, who is just fine. That really helps put me at ease. Thank you!!

No problem lol. I thought it was cool my girl had a lazy eye since I have one too lol.  Now if we could get our eyes to go in sync, we would have some very interesting photos.


I know nothing about this, so I probably should not be commenting...

BUT.... I would talk to your breeder.  You have to feel comfortable asking your breeder for any advice you need.

I thought it looked like her 3rd eyelid in the pictures not the actual eye.  Again I am no pro.

Thanks Stewart. Looking through the other pics I took, I don't think it's a 3rd eyelid - might just be the angle of these? That said, I am particularly glad now that the breeder has a vet come and do eye exams for the pups. I didn't run in to many that do that, and it's turned out to be important to me in this case. I think mentioning it is an excellent idea.

Depending on how the dog is moving its eye, you will see some white.  Funny it's always the same eye.  Maybe she has a bit of a lazy eye?  I know a lot of kids have one and most outgrow it.  Maybe the same is true in pups?  I am  just guessing.

I would ask the breeder, in a friendly way.  "Oh, she's so cute! Hey, I noticed in her pics that I can always see some white in her left eye and not in her right.  I know so little about puppy development.  Can you tell me why that is?"

Chances are she'll have a good explanation for you.   When we got Jack, the breeder had two litters, days apart.  One was rough-and-tumble, one was very gentle and the pups were two-thirds the size.  Turns out one of the litters needed to be hand-fed (dam had a problem and couldn't nurse them) and so they were handled a lot more.  She said they would catch up in size eventually.   Good breeders will answer your questions and are happy to have you ask!

Beth, what a great suggestion for how to broach the issue with the breeder! Thank you for that very diplomatic approach, which I am totally going to use! I was struggling with how to bring it up with her. Clearly I need to ask some questions here...but I didn't want to offend her or have her think that I wasn't crazy about this pup. (It's pretty competitive to get a corg from a good breeder in my area.) But you are right, she's been doing this awhile and may have more specific insight. Thank you!!

Personally I wouldn't worry about it, but if you have any doubts definitely mention it to the breeder.

Thanks Jane! I appreciate that. :)

I don't know what to say.  Hard to tell since neither is a straight on shot...One of Seanna's eyes has a little more white than the other...not as much, but some.  I'd call your vet and ask their opinion.  Personally, if my heart was telling me to do it, then I would do it.  God brings animals into your life for one reason or feeling is nothing is a guarantee.  The dog can look perfect, check out perfect, and still cost you thousands of dollars before it's all said and done.

You know, it's funny you should say that. I've looked at other litters and picked out pups at other times in my life, and I don't recall feeling nearly as strongly as I do about this one. I even spent quite a bit of time playing with the other female the breeder recommended, as well as the other pups in the litter...but I just had a really strong feeling that this was my girl. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Thank you for reminding me there are no guarantees, too. I got a little sheltie as a pup when I graduated from college. He was a soul dog for me, and I still miss him. I didn't know as much about choosing a breeder then, and my mom got him for me from what was likely a backyard breeder. Though he looked stunning, he developed cushings disease when he was 5. Of course I did whatever was necessary to treat it and spent thousands, and he lived to be 12.

I'm hoping to avoid that by choosing a great breeder and doing my due diligence this time - when you know better, you do better. (Did you see the middle pic, "photo 10?" I think that one is straight on.) But you are right - there are no guarantees, and sometimes the heart just knows. I'll ask the breeder questions I need to ask, thanks to everyone's advice here...but I'll let the heart have a say as well. :)


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