I feel like the doggy toys are overrunning my house, especially after the holidays! Squeakers, tennis balls and rope toys are everywhere...they need to be contained! I'm thinking about just getting a small basket or something to put in the living room but I was wondering if you guys had any more unique ideas. I'd like something that is somewhat accessible to the pups. How do you corral your toys?!?!

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I have a big low sided plastic tub that I keep in the corner of my living room. Some of his toys are there, but after I clean up the living room Franklin always goes and pulls most of them back out again! I guess i need to teach him to put his toys away! Everywhere I look there are 2 or 3 disemboweled stuffed animals or an interactive treat toy, etc. My house usually looks like a pet store exploded.  

Basket for us. We have a wicker basket in the family room that the toys get put into. Ashton also has a bed in the living room that collects toys too, so it sort of acts like a toy wrangling device in a pinch if guest come over unannounced.

We have a basket in the living room.  Isabella knows just where her toys are.  Usually, she gets them out one by one and then they are all over the house.  Now, I just need to train her to put them away!  It's like picking up after a 2 year old!  I''ll pick them up and put them all in the basket when it starts to bother me.  She hasn't met a toy that she doesn' t like, so the basket is often empty.  :o)

We have a wicker basket in the living room tucked by the dog bed.  Of course, toys get pulled out as fast as I put them back in.  Especially with Jackson...he's very protective of his squeakers!  But at least three times a week I attempt to put them all in there.  I'm going to work on getting them to pick them up themselves though when I tell them to.

Good luck Jennifer! Mine would probably react like my kids and ignore them!

We use a basket.  Jack pulls them all out soon after they've been put away.  Funny thing is if I ask him to find a toy that he hasn't seen in awhile, the first place he checks is his toy box!

Maddie is the Great Destroyer (the gal can chew through a Kong) so needless to say the toys that are left out are increasingly limited in number.   The others stay in the laundry room.  Jack likes to sit in front of the laundry room door and bark softly, reminding us that no one ever does a thing with the puppies.

Noodles does the same thing. We went through 2 wicker baskets, but Noodles thought they were chew toys, so now it is a nice, decorative metal basket. I couldn't find a basket that was short enough for a corgi, so my dad built a platform in the bottom of it in order to raise the toys up for Noodles to be able to easily pull them out. I clean up his toys every night before going to bed, but like you said Beth, if Noodles hasn't seen a toy in a while, he goes right for his basket. Here is the funny thing, when he gets excited, he will grab the first toy that is around him. If it isn't the toy he wants, he runs to his basket with that toy in his mouth, drops it and picks up a new toy. It cracks me up every time! I love him so much!

Hi Jenna! Sorry that I am not able to give you any inspiration, but we too use a basket.  It was a nice decorative basket with wooden handles, which also, according to my girl Kota, makes a nice chew toy.

Thanks for all the input guys! Guess I'll be getting some sort of basket tomorrow.  In the meantime, today while I was cleaning up, I gathered all the toys and put them on the couch. Needless to say, Jasper was very confused:

I have a small, probably 8x4x4, plastic tub that I keep Ginger's stuff in.  It works great.  I just leave it on the floor next to her kennel, and she knows that if there's something in the tub it's fair game for her to play with.  She hates when I pick up though.  As soon as all of her toys are in the tub she runs over and gets them all out again. 

I have nice baskets too but between Sparty (the destroyer) and Misty (think "jaws of life") they don't stay full long.

Just have to say that I love your dogs' nicknames.  Leaves little to the imagination regarding the fate of the toys they get.


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