After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:


Rawhide Chucking (Both for height and velocity)

Circle Running

Figure 8 Running (sister event to circle running)

Ditch slalom

Tugging (with and with-out vocals)

Wood floor sliding (for distance and style - bonus points if you take out the area rug too!)


I'm sure that you guys can contribute many more.  What would your favorite Corgi Olympics event be?


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Staring contest...whoever blinks first loses...

Longest drool...

Corgi yodeling!  


Also, running up and down cliffs full speed, something that sure strikes terror into this Corgi-owner's heart, whenever I see it.

Heard the yodeling for the first time this morning.  I was informed that that is his I want to go chase rabbits yodel.  That thought was confirmed when I let him out and the rabbits went flying in all directions.

corgi soccer

there should be some water sports! Maybe a diving competition? (we all love watching Cooper's corgi Flop) a swim & fetch.

Boxing (with a boxer, of course!)

Stolen sock relay race

How can you do tug without vocals? Is that possible??

oh, there should be some sort of shredding competition.

I think there would be a bazillion-way tie for first in the "Feed Me" stare down...



I second the Corgi Flop competition!  That little clip always brightens my day.  ;)

You know, that's funny.  We have a couple of boxes that live next door and Bear does "box" with them.   I'm also right there with you on the shredding competition.  I've lost two novels in the last two weeks that I thought I had left in "safe" locations.  Glad I had read them already!  I think the stolen sock race has a lot of potential too.


The tugging without vocals is funny.  It's like he's got to get warmed up into the vocals so he starts with silent tugging and as the fight gets more intense he adds vocals to it.  Maybe he's trying to scare me into letting go of the toy!

shredding???  What about shedding?
How about bed-hogging, hand-nosing, and stink-rolling? These are three of Sophie's favorites.
Jack just rolled on a dead mouse yesterday. He was so proud!

Dogs think there are three categories for found objects: eat on it, pee on it, or roll in it. The dog triathlon, if you will.
Hilarious and so true!
Precision team sleeping..extra points (difficulty) for flat on his back

Bear poop is good for all three, depending on freshness.

Day one: roll in it.

Day two: try a bite.

Day three: pee on it. Take THAT Mr Bear!! (or this is mine I might have another bite tomorrow)


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