i was wondering if my boy will be a red headed tri? if not i will love him the same but i am just very curious :) here are some new pics of him (6 weeks) and of dollar, my pretty girl!

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I vote yes, red-headed tri! :-)

i was sure to get some pics of the inside of his ears ;)

I'm guessing yes, too.  RHT!   I think my red-headed tri girl is very pretty.  :-)    

He is cute as can be, and Dollar is gorgeous.

thank you Beth and your girl is very pretty :)

Yes, very beautiful.

My vote is RHT....

There both so beautiful:)))

thank you! :)

Looks like a red head to me.  ;) 

I will be surprised if he stays black headed but he may just be a red head with black points. He is adorable and Dollar is beautiful too.

thank you. i think he look just like his daddy as he is a red headed tri with black points as well

oh my gosh, he is ADORABLE! He looks a lot like Tommy did ... who turned out to be a RHT.


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