Hi everyone. I just got my first corgi pup yesterday! So excited and he is adorable! This is my first time training a dog so I could definitely use some advice. 

First of all, he hates his crate. I know I just got him yesterday, but boy did he cry. I put him in a few times throughout the day, but when it was time for bed he had to of cried for at least 30 minutes. Jumping into the side of the crate and just throwing a fit. He finally quieted down and slept through the night in it, but he hates being in there. He is very restless and moves around a lot. He prefers to sleep under the coffee table. Should I be putting him in the crate any time I see him napping or just let him sleep in his favorite spot?

Secondly, he doesn't seem interested in treats after I take him out to go potty. I can hardly tell when he actually pees cause he is so low to the ground and he doesn't lift his leg, but I think I am starting to be able to tell when he goes. I bring him down and say "Potty" several times in a happy tone and eventually he stops in one spot for a few seconds being very still and goes. To be sure I lift him up and see if his little pee pee hair is wet. lol The problem is he isn't interested in treats after he pees. I am trying to give him positive reinforcement but he seems to be more interested on whats going on outside then the treat. He eats them in the house but just doesn't seem to care outside. 

The last thing I am concerned about it the fact that he doesn't seem to be eating. I picked him up around 3 pm yesterday and I'm assuming he ate at the breeders, but all night he wouldn't touch his food. He ate a few little pieces of treats I broke down but that was it. I figured he would be really hungry today, but he only had a few bites and that was after I took the food out of his bowl and put it on the floor next to him. I am feeding him what the breeder was giving him with a little of my new food mixed in. Is it normal that he isn't hungry? I would say it might be the bowl but it has no problem drinking water from his other bowl (It is exactly the same). 


Just wanted to let everyone know Pancake is doing great! He is almost 3.5 months old and 15 pounds. He is very playful and loves people. He almost always eats all 3 of his meals (1/3 cup, 3 times a day) and drinks plenty of water. He is about to start a puppy class on Sunday, but I have a feeling he is going to be a great pupil because he is so smart! He knows a lot of stuff already, but I thought the class would be great for the both of us. One characteristic of Pancake that is so funny is that he is a big chicken! He is afraid of just about anything. When he is scared he runs to me and climbs up in my lap cause he knows I will keep him safe. I went on vacation for about 4 days while my aunt watched him. He was so well-behaved, but you could tell me missed me. When I came to pick him up, he was outside with my aunt and as soon as he saw me he made a mad dash to me and gave me lots of kisses. Wouldn't leave my side for the next few days. lol His ears don't really want to stay up. I am on my second round of taping. After the first round both ears stayed up for about 2 days before dropping. He has one ear that is stronger then the other but when I went on vacation they both dropped almost the whole week. Of course when I picked him up he had his happy ear back .lol I can tell he really loves me which is great because I love him too. :D I am glad we have bonded so well.

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This is him under the table by the way.

One more thing, his ears have not risen yet. When I picked him up from the breeders his ears were taped like in the picture, but it has come off since then. Should I retape it and if so how? I want his ears to be up cause that makes them even cuter. 


omg he's adorable!

you should keep taping for a few weeks, making sure their ears stay up makes sure they're less prone to infections and such

Hi Justin!  First, congratulations on your new puppy!  You are in for a treat as corgi puppies are always a LOT of fun!  You don't mention how old your little pup is, but you are on the right track!!  I would suggest you take him outside on a leash for potty for a couple of reasons: (1) He will learn to potty on a leash. Not all dogs do that well. (2) You can make sure he actually does his business and doesn't just lollygag around playing. (3) You can use it to make him earn his play time. And remember, he's just a baby.  It will take several months for him to be fully, trustingly potty trained!  As for treats, some dogs just aren't interested.  However, that's usually not a problem for a corgi!  The same with not eating.  Remember, he's just been taken from his mom and his litter mates.  He's a little stressed and scared.  When they get scared, they're prone to not want to eat.  It's okay.  Just make sure he has access to his food.  As he settles in, he will begin to eat just fine.  Be sure he has plenty of water, too.  Also, as small as he is, he isn't going to eat near as much as you would think he should.  

So, don't panic! You're doing great!  And this will be such a wonderful time for the two of you.  Stay positive.  No scolding for mistakes.  And you're always welcome to get in touch with me if you need help.


(PS: I'm a former lead trainer for PetSmart and now have my own business. I have 6 corgis (or corgi mixes).  

Thanks Cindi! Pancake will be 9 weeks old on Friday by the way. 

But glad I shouldn't be too concerned. I figured it was just nerves but just wanted to be sure. I bring him out on the leech cause I live in an apartment at the moment so glad I'm on the right track there. 

Any advice on the crate training?

When crate training Chase I would put him in his crate with a few toys that I trust he wouldn't chew up or choke on. I would also give him a treat when I put him in the crate. When your little one becomes more interested in his treats (and believe me HE WILL!!) try giving him one as you put him in the crate.
Also you mentioned not being able to tell when he has peed. I noticed that when Chase pees his little nub moves as he finishes. lol It sounds silly but that's a good way to tell when he's going. Maybe your pup does that too, just watch for the nub to move.
As Cindi said, your little one will eat more once he becomes more comfortable in his new home. Crate training should get easier as well once Pancake isn't nervous anymore. Cindi is great to go to for some advice, her experience has helped me with Chase!
Good luck and congrats!!!

Congrats, Justin! Pancake? That's cute:) Our Miles is 11 weeks now. We got him at 8 weeks. We were checking his 'pee pee hairs' too LOL:) But like Kaitlyn said, watch for your guy;s tail lightly twitching while he's standing still. It looks like contracting of the tail helps them to 'squeeze it out'. 

As for the crate, Miles cried for a couple of nights. Just make sure he has gone potty before u put him in there. It's hard to listen to them cry, but u just need to ignore it. It'll stop eventually. Don't let him train you:) 

Oh and I got some great advice here

Great name for a very cute poopster!  Congratulations on the pup!  Give him time.....the last few days have been hugely life changing for him.  He'll adjust to his new home, like the others have said, and things will really progress!  Sometimes there are setbacks but don't get discouraged.  And take lots and lots and lots of photos...those of us without puppies need our fix!

Congratulations! You have good advisers so far so hang in there and enjoy. Just remember he is still an infant and although it usually takes 6 months to a year for a puppy to reliably understand to potty outside it is way less time than it takes a human child :) As he goes through teething he may occasionally be off his food but often softening it a little with water will help. I like to walk a little with my leashed puppy to encourage eliminating and be sure to say Potty as soon as he squats. It really helps later on to have a dog that goes on command. It takes awhile for them to get used to the crate since up until now he has slept with his whole family. Just continue to make it a safe place never a punishment. Corgi puppies are the greatest and he is adorable. Also, usually the ears will go up on their own but if they are not up by 3 months add a little cottage cheese to his diet so he gets more calcium and be careful not to be too rough with his ears. Sometimes you have to tape but not always since corgis have a natural raised ear.

First off, I love the name Pancake and my husband is going to be jealous of the name. Pancake is adorable! We got Noodles when he was 8 weeks old and by the time he was 9.5 weeks, both ears were standing up. I remember waking up one morning and one ear was up and then when I came home from work, the other ear was up. Noodles wasn't thrilled with his crate at first, but I gave him a treat in his crate before we would leave for work and then at night, I put on soft music for him to listen to during the night. We also lived in an apartment at that time and I couldn't exactly have him barking or crying to disturb the neighbors. Noods really liked the music and it soothed him because once I figured that out, I never heard a peep from him. Good luck and have fun! Definitely post more pictures.

ok, my corgi does the same thing,she is more interested on everything going on outside.Here is what i found out corgi are part hunting dogs so they focus on things outside it seems more then food or treats. If he is not eating just leave the food in the bowl and provide lots of fresh water.corgis will eventully become hungry so the only thing they will have to eat is their food.or if possible try putting sone peanut butter on the bottom of his dish and leave and put food in the bowl.but leave an opening for him to smell and taste it.or do the same with wet food.As for crate training my corgi,took a while but it's just something they have to get used to


i hope this helps:)


Good Luck with your short-legged,fox-eared friend! 

i am not sure sure how to tape their ears...you might want to talk to the breeder about that

Be very methodical about your training plan. 

I'd make a list of vocabulary commands, keep a log and calendar, plan my work and work my plan.

Make sure everybody in the household is on the same page.

Don't overdo it or underdo it, keep it fun.  The success of your training each other will structure the course of the relationship.


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