I've had Corgis my whole life and that's a lot of years. Corgis are working dogs that need meaningful activity and discipline. The time to start training is when your baby Corgi comes home. Corgis are very smart and they will be a step ahead of you, if you let them. DON'T let them. They love to know the rules, work hard and be praised. The earlier you start lovingly training your puppy, the more rewards you will have later with your adult Corgi who listens for your command and happily performs it. A rescue dog needs the same training, but first needs to trust its new family. Knowing that your rescue is experiencing a hard transition will hopefully make you more patient and compassionate. Be loving and earn the trust of your rescue. But whether a puppy or a rescue, train your Corgi well and as early as you can. Every Corgi and owner thrive through combined work and effort.

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Welll, I've camped in CO and stayed at some great places without ever seeing a snake...but I also saw warnings in the rockier places...which we could avoid. I usually stayed by Evergreen area which was not too far from Denver!
Too bad we live so far from Laurie...I sure would love to visit her area in NC!!!!!!!!!
NC sounds nice, but very far for Wendy and me. We are planning to camp next summer with the WA corgi group, thru wheelcorgis. We have not camped for YEARS! Some will be trailor camping, we stupidly are going to tent camp - I think we may have rocks in our heads. Can you imagine all these corgis at the beach and a bunch of them on wheels?!
I like to camp in a tent but I do take an air mattress with:)
Woo Hoo!!!! Let's do Vegas. I've never done anything like this...
Meeting up with people I already love but have never met; no expectations...nada.
Just FUN. (we can go to reno or not...)
Let's do it! Can we leave the dogs home? (haha. who let the dogs out..woof woof....)
I've never done anything like it either! I told Mr Mike I wanted a girls weekend away and he just snarled. He doen't think I would do it! I think that he doesn't understand why or how I could be tired of what I "do" It is hard to explain to him - he needs to listen first, do you think?! Again, I am on a tangent! Boy, I need a vacation!

Going to the beach for a day after the MD appts. Son home to watch the boys, that should be a trip! I asked if he was going to diaper Lucky "no, he will be OK" oh, can't wait to see the rugs! Some people worry about partying, others about the dogs!!! (He is 27 and lucky for us is not a partier, that and the fact we live so far from town that no one wants to come out here - I guess they could come and spend the night, EEK!)
@ carol - I used to only by toys that didn't squeak. But since getting Rafa, I buy the squeaky ones. At least I know he's eating his toy and not the furniture. >>>Squeak squeak squeak /body>
I want to go too!!!! Let's leave the dogs...
absolutely. the more the merrier. i say NO DOGS. haha. just us...we deserve it! where do you live? how much fun would this be?
I think we've finally turned a corner with Rafa; at least I hope so. He seems calmer in general, but is still a very busy boy. The main thing I've noticed is that he's becoming affectionate. Initially he related to me only at meal time or if I was giving Lucy attention. He didn't bond with Jack or me for the first 2 months––only bonded to Lucy, much to her annoyance. He followed her everywhere. Now he follows my husband and me; and as I mentioned in a post this weekend, he spontaneously and enthusiastically slobbered my face with kisses. Made my day. He's now paying more attention to corrections. Initially he didn't seem to care what we wanted. He didn't even wait for us to leave the room to do damage. He would chew on furniture, chairs, wires, (you name it!) right in front of us. He loved acting out and didn't care about pleasing. Now that he has finally bonded, I believe he is trying to please more and behave better. He has always been sweet natured and has never been aggressive. He's very outgoing and friendly to all new people and animals. He's corgi smart and initially used all his wits to drive us crazy. He loved nothing more than doing something wrong and then trying to get us to catch him. Impossible, he's much faster than us. It was actually hilarious when he did this to my husband; but frustrating and humbling when he would do it with me. Just want to say that it feels wonderful to see him growing closer to us every day. Jack and I love him more each day, too. Only wish that Lucy would share our feelings. People used to always remark about Lucy, "now there's a happy fella" or "that's the happiest dog I've ever seen." Since getting Rafa, Lucy doesn't look so happy. I hope she comes around soon.
Wendy...remember ...it's kinda like having kids...the love/hate relationship and then all of a sudden they (well Rafa) is grown and they come around to be best buds again!
@ Jane Christensen, I hope so, Jane! Meantime, I like the idea of meeting in Vegas. I enlisted another "friend" Jessie and Alwyn. NC sounds great. My dgt went to college in NC and it was so beautiful, but really FAR. I'm not sure about camping. Jack and I used to camp a lot when we were younger, but haven't done it in years. Anyway, it's just so much fun thinking about it...4 women meeting up who have never met...oh the adventures we could have. LOL.


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