I've had Corgis my whole life and that's a lot of years. Corgis are working dogs that need meaningful activity and discipline. The time to start training is when your baby Corgi comes home. Corgis are very smart and they will be a step ahead of you, if you let them. DON'T let them. They love to know the rules, work hard and be praised. The earlier you start lovingly training your puppy, the more rewards you will have later with your adult Corgi who listens for your command and happily performs it. A rescue dog needs the same training, but first needs to trust its new family. Knowing that your rescue is experiencing a hard transition will hopefully make you more patient and compassionate. Be loving and earn the trust of your rescue. But whether a puppy or a rescue, train your Corgi well and as early as you can. Every Corgi and owner thrive through combined work and effort.

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Unfortunately, my cat is the only one that tries to put Rafa in his place. She's a very sweet outdoor cat and when she takes a swipe at Rafa, she could really hurt him, so we have to keep them separate. Rafa likes to lean his toys against the sofa for support to chew on them. The only problem is that he quickly begins eating the sofa instead of his toy; so I'm now a big advocate of squeak toys. Even more annoying is that every two minutes his toy gets under the sofa and he YAPS until we get it for him. This scene repeats itself every 2 minutes. We need to think about toys no smaller than soccer balls! My husband, who actually loves this little beast, just said, "he's the worst dog we've ever had." We have had lots of Corgis, but I do believe he's right!!! Nothing worse than a bored corgi puppy. He just goes from one thing to the next to get negative attention. Guess he thinks negative attention trumps no attention.
@ carol rea- all fire signs: sags, aries, leos. = )
@ Renata-- you're in. all you have to do is ask! haha. so it's you, Carol R, Jane C, Jessie G, and me. our tentative weekend spot is vegas, no dogs, spouses, or significant others allowed. woo hoo! fun to dream. or maybe we can make it work...
One never knows....I'd have to make sure it would be when I don't have pups though...my husband might think I need to hire a sitter if I was gonna go have some fun!!!!!
@jane - me too! jack (my husband, not a corgi) would probably have a fit if i planned a weekend trip leaving him with rafa and lucy. but still i can dream...it'd be so much fun!!! i've never done anything like this before, and i think i'm more than old enough to try to make this work...
The problem for me is I take my girlfriend along when we deliver a pup (shhh, it's alot more fun!!!!!) and it's only a couple times a year. I also drag her along when I go get a rescue...we have so much fun and can't stop laughing or talking...so we do make it a vacation!!!!!!
It's always more fun when you take a girlfriend along!
How old do we have to be to make this work? Just kidding! I think even if we just dream about this, it is good for us. Back when I was in the work force, I did some traveling for work, it was nice to get away from home but not the same as this. One time, I went to Canada as a representative of a womens group that I belong to and that was a lot of fun, that was a long time ago too.

I just brought my barking Lucky in, what a beautiful sunrise! Do you think he was barking at that? This barking has to stop, the deer are going to start to complain.
That'd be the fun of this. We're probably all ages and we have no idea what anyone looks like, only their dogs!
Uh oh...I hear Rafa. Wonder what he's up to. He peed in the house for the first time in over a month! grrrrr
Wendy, we were on at the same time! Lucky peed this AM - he is incontinent, but this was different? I was eating a banana and told him NO when he begged, he took one look at me and squatted and peed! I could not tell if the look was "oops, I did not mean to do that" or "take that, I wanted a bite of banana!"
Probably the latter. Rafa deliberately peed when Jack came home. Did it with Jack standing right next to him. Then today I notice a FOUL smell. Rafa took a big dump in the family room. I know he's got cabin fever with 3 days of rain, but he seems to be moving in the wrong direction. I've got to get him back on track. Can't wait for the first obedience class on Sunday. Sorry it was postponed a week. I am losing ground here. : (

PS i don't knit or crochet, or cook!
Lily pooped in the carpet today ( and yesterday, and the day before yesterday...) I cleaned with almost everything
...Ah...and she peed at my daughter's room again...
Sometimes she does great all day....and when it's just the three of us at home ( Lily, Jimmy and me) it's ok.
Don't understand....
I love to Knit...but only blankets or scarfs....=)


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