I've had Corgis my whole life and that's a lot of years. Corgis are working dogs that need meaningful activity and discipline. The time to start training is when your baby Corgi comes home. Corgis are very smart and they will be a step ahead of you, if you let them. DON'T let them. They love to know the rules, work hard and be praised. The earlier you start lovingly training your puppy, the more rewards you will have later with your adult Corgi who listens for your command and happily performs it. A rescue dog needs the same training, but first needs to trust its new family. Knowing that your rescue is experiencing a hard transition will hopefully make you more patient and compassionate. Be loving and earn the trust of your rescue. But whether a puppy or a rescue, train your Corgi well and as early as you can. Every Corgi and owner thrive through combined work and effort.

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Is Lily wearing a scarf that you knit in her picture?
No...hahahahhahahaha!!!!! That one used to be my daughter's scarf =)
He doesn't like to get his feet wet does he! Lucky won't go out in the rain because he might get his feet wet, we get little rain in the High Desert, but I'm thinking boots and a rain coat! Of course, by the time I get him dressed he will have peed and pooped everywhere! Mostly he is incontinent so I do a lot of cleaning and he wears diapers at night - we may be going there during the day too if he keeps up like today. I guess I am lucky he has made it this long, and then there is his defiance that I have to add in! Maybe he knows that we are going to be gone for the weekend! The man who usually helps out and comes up midday to let the boys out while Jeremy is at work has been very ill, so the boys will be in the garage while Jer is at work, they don't really like that!
Any of you knit or crochet? Two sisters who live nearby want to go to the Oregon coast to play and visit yarn stores (that is our excuse, our store in town is closing) we have decided that we could just start driving and checking out all the stores between here and the coast and then go up and down the coast - I wonder how long I can be gone? Or better yet how much yarn i can buy? I think I have spen close to $100 on the 40% off sale going on!! I need to start hiding the stuff as Mr Mike has no idea how many projects I have going (maybe he does!) I haven't been able to knit for so long it is good to be able to do so again - Lucky has been know to play with the yarn like a ball, and to get it caught in his collar and unravel very complicated things while chasing Odie years ago.
I do needlepoint, and when we moved recently, I was shocked at how many unfinished projects I have. I'd forgotten about half of them and I'm not sure any of them would work in the house we have now. Does that mean it's time to buy new ones?

Wendy, I thought Rufus would NEVER be potty trained. And recently he's been incredible.... until today when I found a little present right by the door to the top floor porch.......where we have an emergency tray of fake grass that he could have used. I think it's all about two steps forward, one step back for a year or two.

Of course he's now barking at everyone and everything, including the pumpkins I bought today and put on the porch. I wonder if he thinks aliens have landed.
I hear you! I've had had corgis my whole life, but have never had one quite like Rafa. Glad to hear about Rufus. I do believe Rafa's just a puppy and a very high energy one. Too smart to not have a job. 3 days of cabin fever due to rain...and he hasn't stopped yipping. he has the highest pitch yip--chalk on a blackboard. but, i am not giving up on him. I guess I just needed to vent. The funny thing is that when I vent to mycorgi.com friends about him, his behavior improves. go figure. he's so smart, he probably picks up on the tension that he's creating and also pick up when the tension is diminished.
You're lucky that Rufus is not eating the pumpkins! We had a cat that once the pumpkins were carved would knaw on them, what a mess. I guess that Rufus thinks they don't belong on the porch, I think that Lucky would bark at them. We have a mystery - the one cantelope left on the vine has disappeared, totally! No remains around the vine of any melon at all. I suspected corgis as they have been back there, but Mr Mike does not think so - I guess the pumpkin aliens came and took it.
Do you have raccoons out there????
@ Jane. We have raccoons in the neighborhood bigger than our corgis; probably because my neighbor thinks they're "cute" and feeds them. Then, they get fatter from eating our neighbors' cats and dogs. We also have coyotes, but they haven't made a dent in the raccoon population.
@ Wendy...we have coyotes and coons too but our Aussie gets them...well last year we had to shoot one as as he isn't as thorough as our Weimeraner mix used to be! There was a cougar sighted and shot at less than a mile from our house with the river being high...this is the 2nd sighting in about a year! Opossums show up at other places to eat cat food but we don't feed any animals outside...it's quite the menagerie around here!
we don't leave any dog or cat food outside, but i can't say the same for my neighbors. the coyotes and raccoons have wreaked a lot of havoc in my neighborhood; killing small dogs and cats. i had animal control talk with my neighbor who enjoys leaving food out for the raccoons that she finds so cute. it's not unusual to see coyotes walking in our neighborhood during the day, up driveways and on the streets. we have our share of skunks and opossums but the latter don't harm our pets.
We live in the country, so we expect to see coyotes walking down the road! The lady we are visiting at the beach used to live on our road here, her neighbors outside of Newport thing the racoons are "cute" and feed them - she has been trapping them and taking them for a ride. She has no children at home and a large dog, but like she says, others have smaller dogs and children who could be hurt!

When Jeremy was young, a racoon harvested produce from our garden and then used our pond and his little swim pool to wash it it! Then it hung around all day in the yard, I could not get it to leave!!! We finally had to go to the park


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