We've had Maxen for almost 3 weeks now.  The first two weeks he would only bark during play or at the cat so it wasn't too bad but for the last two days he just barks..and barks..and barks.  For no reason, he will just sit and bark, play and back, lay down and bark.  We tried distracting him and we tried ignoring him but as long as he's up, he's just yapping away!  I would say not a minute passes without at least a few barks.

What can we do to stop it?  I know corgis are barkers but this is extreme!

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Teach him the hush or quiet command.  First teach him the Speak command.  Give no reward for that, because barking is its own reward.  Then give the hush command.  When he is silent for just a second, treat the heck out of him.   Then, once he is starting to get it, make the silent intervals longer.  Clicker training works well for this.  He should get the idea that he only gets to bark when asked to do it.  But that all may take a while.  Be patient and be really consistent about how you train it.    Good luck!


I would try shaking a can of pennies and as soon as he stops say good quiet and give a treat.  Corgis can be very vocal but they can be trained to know when to quiet down. Usually a distraction and rewarding quiet will keep it under control.

Thank you, ladies!

Is he getting enough vigorous exercise (running, chasing, tugging?).

Pennies can work. If it were me, first I would try teaching him that barking gets him ignored. Set up some baby gates and if he barks at you, turn around and look at the ceiling. If he continues, step over the gate.

One of mine is very vocal and we need to remind him periodically that barking gets him the opposite of what he wants.

We always respond to him barking to let us know a toy is stuck, a treat is under the fridge, or there is a stranger outside.

We stop moving if he barks to tell us to hurry up and get his dinner or his treats. As soon as he's quiet (and timing has to be very good here) we move again. Bark again, we stop. Quiet, we move.

Works like a charm. And the dog learns self-control, which is a bit different than learning a command to hush (which is also important to know).

He gets plenty of exercise, hours a day.  I think it's just puppy behavior and like you said, we just need to teach him when it is appropriate to bark.  I've been doing just what you said during feeding time but all other times he just barks anyway.  Yesterday he started barking and I looked away and sat still and he just stood there barking at nothing for 10 minutes!

Oh my, that would drive me crazy!   lol.   Have you tried actually leaving the room when he barks?  Or does that make it worse?

It's worse, he's only 3.5 months old and has a lot of interest in different objects and started barking at the outlet and trying to bite it!  I put vinegar around it now and it seems to keep him away but I don't feel comfortable leaving him in any room without supervision yet.

We were having the barking issues too. It is all about consistent training. Just as the others have said, teaching the the bark or speak command with no treats and then the quiet command and treating the heck out of your pup. We also had to do "time outs". We would put our girls in the bathroom and close the door until they quieted down. It may take a few minutes, but as soon as they were quiet, we would let them out and reinforce with "good quiet" and treat, treat, treat. If they are barking at you, being demanding, our trainer taught us to tell them quiet and either turn around and ignore them, or, if necessary, walk out of the room. Don't give them attention as that is what they are looking for. Patience and consistency are key with our head strong Corgi's. Good luck!

thank you!

Wally barks excessively at the dog park.    We go in and from time to time he just zones in one dog and goes in a barking frenzy if the dogs stays still, moves or plays with others.   I understand it's a herding thing... probably... but I'm trying to either grab him or tell him to shush but nothing works.   He moves away from me, goes behind other owners while still barking at the dog.   

But with others he can just be very pleasant but with some he can bark so much he's been told to "shut it" by other dogs, without getting injured.  But yesterday I had to pull him out of there as he started getting agressive with a Boxer, a German Sheppard and then a Bernese.    I was able to grab him quick and leave.

That's the risk with a dog park.    There's an audience for your dog not to pay attention to you and when an argument erupts, it brings a crowd and getting in the middle trying to break it up put fuel on the fire.

Lol, what a trouble maker!  Sounds like he has the little man syndrome ;)

Well, just scratch all my advise on teaching your dog not to bark!  It definitely didn't work for me this weekend!  It was our first ever Rally Trial and my wee little stinker dog decided to bark at me the whole way around the ring!  It was a three day trial so we had three runs.  The first two went pretty well, a bit of barking in the beginning, but she settled down and did the course and qualified with passing scores.  The second day she even got first place with a score of 97!  Whoohooo!!!.  The third day, however, was a barkathon! She was sassing me the whole way.  The poor judge finally asked us to leave the ring because she was being disruptive to the other dogs competing in other rings.  He was so appologetic about it I felt sorry for him, but he was absolutely right.  She was being a complete brat!  I'm not sure how to deal with it.  She knows the hush command under normal circumstances.   I think the excitement was just too much and by the third day she was too tired to have any impulse control whatsoever.  LOL.  I'm not sure how, but I have to nip this in the bud without crushing her enthusiasm for working with me.  Back to the drawing board. :(


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